Bonsai trees

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    does anyone know anything about bonsai trees, i would like to start growing a couple in the house, i always thought they were pretty cool. i really wouldn't no how to take care of them except water them every day i guess, i just need more info.
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    It really depends on the species of tree. You want to pick a tree that grows naturally in conditions similar to the ones in your house. Like if you tend to be hot and humid then you want to have a tree from a hot and humid area. If you have a colder house then you want to choose a tree that grows better in the cold like an evergreen.

    You won't have to water it every day. Bonsai trees do just fine being watered every other, or even every three days. This also depends on the species, there's a lot of good information on the Internet about bonsai trees. Once you learn how to keep them healthy, you can start learning how to wire train your trees and prune them to make them look sweet.
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  3. IDK man but bonsai trees are so sick
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    mr. miyagi would approve of this thread
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    Bonzi trees are great. its a peaceful hobbie if you decide to grow them your self. It will take some skill and practice to grow one in your house from scratch. Almost any plant or tree can be grown into the bonzi form. Just google Bonzi trees and you will have more info then you can handle at first. You might be better off just dropping a few bucks and buying one and go from there. You can get small nice ones at home depot for 25 bucks. Goodluck.
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