Boston Medical Marijuana Collective Conference Shows High-Interest In Business Model

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    Cannabis Collective Conference Cultivates Crowd
    - [that was fun]​
    by Dennis Lavoie -
    In a packed conference room at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, the big sales pitch is on.
    About 300 people have gathered to get information on how to apply for a license to run a medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts.

    The pitch comes from Dr. Bruce Bedrick, the CEO of Medbox Inc., an Arizona-based company that offers consulting services and dispensing systems for medical marijuana that look and operate just like vending machines, though Bedrick cringes at that description.
    Bedrick warns that getting a license in Massachusetts won’t be easy. The state is requiring applicants to put at least $500,000 in an escrow account to ensure that they have enough resources to operate and submit detailed operating procedures for the dispensaries.


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