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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by kidmus1c, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. kidmus1c

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    So the last time i smoked pot was about April 1st ....before that i smoked a moderate amount meaning sometimes 3-4 times a week sometimes twice a day....well out of nowhere I got laid off and am now on a job search. Came across this cheap test called Easy screen at the local dollar store (this is the test some idiot posted this on youtube but its the same test i took ). Anyway i took it about 7 days after smoking the last time and it tested positive... i have not touched weed except for being in a bathroom for a few minutes with someone who was smoking it so i might have had some second hand smoke inhalation..but long story short i took another test today and it also came out positive. Basically i have not smoke weed since April 1st...and today is April 19th. I weigh about 165 and am 5'11'' and i work out multiple times a week...i have one more of these tests at home which im hoping to take next week sometime...i for sure thought that i'd be clean today by now..but guess not...any advice?
  2. colakoala

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    I would go buy some more reliable drug tests, or at least have a known clean friend try out one of these cheap-o's to see what they come up as.
  3. DataJ

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    Plus if you work out before you take the test you may increase your chances of testing positive due to the release of fat containing THC metabolites.. may want to try one after not working out for a few days and see how you do.. Another idea might be to check your first void of the day to see if you system is clean without dilution.
  4. LiveHappy

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    Well you are definitely on the right track right now. I know the time to get clean varies greatly depending on several different factors. It seems like you have an idea of these different factors already since you listed your body weight, that you work out, etc.

    I wasn't able to tell completely from your post but do you have a pre-employment drug screen coming up sometime soon? Or are you just trying to get clean first before going in for interviews and what not?

    If you are just trying to get clean as fast as possible I'd keep doing what you're doing. Work-out, drink plenty of fluids, get fiber in your diet (Metamucil is a good for this), and Niacin (I think this helps but it may just be good for when using a dilution technique).

    If you have a drug test coming up soon and aren't able to get completely clean beforehand, I'd check out some of the stickies on dilution here on the forum. Considering the fact that you are at nearly 20 days clean, using a proper dilution technique would probably have you passing without much of a problem.

    Oh and I wouldn't worry about the second-hand smoke you might of gotten from being in the bathroom while someone was smoking. The chance of you actually inhaling any THC is very slim since most of it is gone after 7-10 seconds (if I'm remembering correctly?).
  5. kidmus1c

    kidmus1c New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys...yeah I've already been to an interview but that was before today's test and the one place I interviewed at I was 90% sure try don't do drug screenings because that company is owned by the same parent company who owned my last employer. Same culture so I figured there's no way they do tests...but I just wanted to be clean just in case. I have another interview coming up early next week and this place I have a feeling tests for sure (they r part of a pretty prestigious university). I have had some intake of niacin (these fat burning pills I have also it's in red bull). Anyway I have been doing more cardio but I did take my test today after a light workout....I'll try again Monday without working out the day before . The tests are cheap so I can always go buy more . I think for future reference I'll cut back to smoking only once per day and less times a week....I'd really kick myself in the ass if I got the gig but failed the piss test.
  6. kidmus1c

    kidmus1c New Member

    Update- so yesterday I decided to take one more test since I didn't go workout Saturday. Well to my surprise and joy it came out negative. So I guess working out before might have had something to do with me failing it. Either way it's been like 20+ days so at least I know that at the amounts I smoked and my current diet/gym habits it will take me about 20 days to get clean....unless I smoked less of course.
  7. colakoala

    colakoala New Member

    Awesome news! When is your test? Or are you just doing this for science?
  8. Blunnted

    Blunnted New Member

    FOR THE LOVE OF SCIENCE!!! ....... sorry I had to do it.

    Best of luck kidmus1c if you do in fact have to pass an actual test, sounds like you're in good shape.

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