Bowl and downstem ideas

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  1. jonfkingmichael

    jonfkingmichael New Member

    What are some easily attainable household items that can be fashioned into bowls?

    We can omit the socket and trumpet mouthpiece ideas, I'm looking for more abstract and unfamiliar methods
  2. klax

    klax New Member

    The only other things I can suggest that are a little less known are small copper plumbing elbows, and air hose attachments. Although I don't know how safe smoking out of these are as the copper may oxidize eventually from contact with your saliva, and the air hose attachments are usually brass. And I don't know the properties of brass, so smoke at your own risk is all I'm saying. Hope that helps.
  3. evergreen

    evergreen New Member

    i used an hour glass shaped piece from a drink mixer thing and drilled a hole through it for my hookeh. its like buffed stainless steal or something but its really cool looking. the only problem is its really deep and hard to light without a grill lighter.
  4. JERgravity

    JERgravity New Member

    i used the end off of a sink before.. (where the water comes out) it screwed right off and already had a screen so it was really easy..

    or go old school and smoke outta apple!!
  5. LosxCyclones13

    LosxCyclones13 New Member

    any 1 got pictures

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