BREAKING! Marijuana now has even more potent goodness©!

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by xxdr_zombiexx, Jun 13, 2008.

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    Crossposted from Daily Kos | 6.12.2008

    This is per the White House so you know this must be of huge well as completely and totally true.
    What a bunch of fucking liars. They never give up.

    And no, there's really no being polite about this. It's not like this hasn't been debunked a hundred times.

    Serious power-lying with malicious intent to deceive people.

    It's scare-mongering, just like everything that defines the republican touch:
    And he again, just like DICK Cheney lying about WMD's in Iraq on FOX News, drags out the long-demolished gateway theory..AGAIN. Such an act is where he earns the title "asshole". There were no WMD's in Iraq and marijuana does not make people heroin addicts. That's officially known to be stupid.

    Now, I suppose I am supposed to say something less than nasty about the man to seem "fair and balanced", so here goes: at least he recycles.

    This is the same histrionic crap we have heard year after year. It's not your father's pot's marijuana 2.0. It's so powerful we think we'll see overdoses anything soon.. all manner of reefer mad gems come out of this nonsense, but also 850000 arrests per year (outrageous but true!) and tens of billions of dollars blown, give or take a few tens of billions: drugwar accounting is not reliable either. But I digress.

    John Walters is just a dirty fucking republican liar repeating claims that do not tolerate rational scrutiny and that are re-applied on a regular basis just to keep the water muddy and people scrambling to re-list all the facts they listed last time this shit swirled around us. He has no credibility yet he gets a completely free ride from the lapdog media.

    Marijuana simply isn't that harmful. Nobody can really prove that it is, since nobody dies from it or gets sick and throws up. It's just not that big of a deal and it cannot be proven - honestly - to be any more of a threat than any number of perfectly legal items.

    Specifically, it cannot be proven to be as harmful as liquor or tobacco cigarettes, and we seem to be able to tolerate that.

    The super-powerful herb is no more toxic than the crappy stuff, they just like to scare-monger with numbers and stats, like usual. The fact is one smokes less of it.

    John Walters is getting paid a lot of your tax money to lie to you through his teeth and as always there are no "reporters" that can ask him the first challenging question.

    And lying about marijuana is a significant republican value. One really should wonder what they would do if this was snatched away from them. (Republicans should consider beating Democrats to the punch and relegalizing - y'all NEED to do SOMETHING popular and you know it.)

    So this is a significant part of how cannabis prohibition remains a massive issue under the radar despite all the effort put into relegalization over the past 40 years or so: suck-up stenography to republican propaganda spouted by malicious liars parading around with the facade of office.
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    Thanks Doc, but we have this report from ONDCP in the news department......;)

    Join us, please......:D

    Some Where In Ded Land.........
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    Oh, no! Marijuana potency is increasing. Lord knows what would happen if bomb weed was readily available and cheaper!

    This is a very clever way for drug propagandists to get around the fact that most people who have smoked did not have negative experiences. They're saying, "You smoked a very weak strain. Now the product is higher potency and therefore easier to overdose!"
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    It atually has gone up, since white widow was bred, but to most people THAT IS A GOOD THING. I mean, now I do not have to fill up my lungs with two joints worth of tar to get stoned out of my mind, all I have to do is take 2-3 drags and I am as high as I ever want to be.
  5. Merry-juana

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    Actually, I threw up before from smoking too much.

    CRIMSONxSOLDIER All Aboard the Canni-bus!

    If anything its GOOD that the potency of marijuana has gone up. For us stoners that is.
    The only thing thats really bad with weed is the fact that is has so much tar


    More potency = less needed to get high = less tar in our lungs = happy stoners. =)
    Why cant the govt. just realize this shit isnt nearly as harmful as any of the other illegal crap out there, and even the legal stuff. In fact marijuana is probably the LEAST harmful 'drug' out there. They're just too stubborn to realize that they're wrong.

    *sigh* Noobs...

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