Bronchitis and vaporizer - yey or nay?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by InfectedWithMJ, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    I had a cold and I vaporized frequently to get rid of the syndromes. After about 4-5 days of this I got a bronchitis... (likely the viral version). I know that chronic smokers can get bronchitis but do chronic vaporizer users get it too? I don't think it was caused by vaporizer as bronchitis is a common complication of a cold (especially in my family). However, inhaling of dust or other chemicals is a common cause for bronchitis. So, this leads to the questions - to vape or not to vape until bronchitis is gone? It does relieve pain but am I making it worse n the lung run?
  2. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    Well dang. I had to get an offtopic prescription from a doctor to deal with this bronchitis (to sleep and not cough). I can barely inhale regular air (burns so much), no way I can vape.

    I mean, think about it... smokers get bronchitis because smoke irritates the lungs and smokers have worse bronchitis than non-smokers. Well, vaping isn't as harsh as smoking but you've got to agree its an irritant too! I just did some Googling and found that people use their vapes to get rid fo bronchitis syndromes. I think by doing so they are prolonging their bronchitis in the long run.
  3. nik12937

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    I think that it all depends on the temperature of the vapors going in your lungs. I mean, vaporized weed, when done correctly, has no poisons or carcinogens in them, but if the temperature is too high it can still harm your throat because of irritation. So unless you manage to get a good temperature, like, barely the vaporization point for THC, then I definitely agree with you, they are prolonging their bronchitis. And with most vaporizers, it's hard to get that perfect temp sice the temperatures fluctuate frquently.
  4. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    Well, my vapor goes through the vaporizer (Vapolution) and then through medical flask (bong) filled with water and ice. So, my vapor is pretty cool but its the THC that tickles the lungs and makes you want to cough, not the temperature.
  5. pvsurfer

    pvsurfer New Member

    i had the same problem with my bronchitis and i was vaping way to often and i stopped for a while and got onto some antibiotics and just didn't sesh till i was better and I'm back to normal now. But my bronchitis seems like it was worse though because i was coughing up blood. Just lay off the sesh for a while till you can breathe and it doesn't hurt, then its safe to go back.
  6. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    Bronchitis is rarely bacterial. It is mostly viral and antibiotics wouldn't have helped.

    I guess when you get bronchitis its time to make brownies :).
  7. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    The "Vic's"Vaporizing ointment, was originally for a teapot like thing, that Vicks was put in,and, the broncitius,even pollenitice,Gel was put into a holder, then You put a Towel,over Your head,and, got as close as You could, to the point, that Yur nasal passages where cleared of Mucas, then your lungs, could get more Oxegin, becuse the Mucas was removed. All Us Medical Vaporizors, note the Drying effect, and, soothing effect, in the lungs. They did it before,and, We, can do it again.(Heat Rub,For Chest Too)
  8. InfectedWithMJ

    InfectedWithMJ Active Member

    I know of the moist vapor therapy for bronchitis but how does MJ fit in? MJ vapor isn't moist...its harsh and makes people who never smoked caugh. Moist water vapor doesn't make non-smokers cough.
  9. leprechaunstoner

    leprechaunstoner New Member

    I always here sleepyjohn singing when I read it becaue it is a huge run on sentence. I am kind of wondering if I should stop smoking because i used to ahve asmah, but at the same time I don't smoke a ton and I haven't smoke anything but bud in a while and I think I have mild symptons, I might go to the doctor and see if I can get an inhalor because I'm in Denmark with free health insurance, haha

    Anyways, I would suggest cooking brownies.
  10. nik12937

    nik12937 New Member

    The marijuana would dry up your throat as well now that I think about it, but like a couple other people said, brownies would be the perfect alternative :)
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  11. Purpose420

    Purpose420 Sr. Member

    I think before any misinformation gets out about marijuana this thread needs to be deleted, there is no medical evidence supporting your theory. Anyone with a computer can google this like I did vaporizing gives you bronchitis - Google Search and see this misleading thread is the only information on the about this subject on the whole www.
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  12. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    Bronchitis is caused by an inflamation of the brochial tubes such that they swell and become clogged and filled with mucus. I have heard many times, but cannot seem to find the information at this moment, that THC dilates the capallaries surrounding these tubes and also dilates the tubes themselves. However smoking will irritate them, so eating the weed would be best alternative (and it should be helpful to you ailment).

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