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  1. Buzz-a-licous

    Buzz-a-licous New Member

    I have bronchitis right now, and I'm taking some Anti-Biotics for it, and such, for the couple weeks until its gone - is it safe to smoke herb?

    I've been smoking while I had it, and the worse that happens is I cough kind of hard after a large hit.

    Would it be better for me to stop smoking for a week or something?
  2. Qwel

    Qwel New Member

    Well since you probably got the bronchitis from smoking bud in the first place its probably not the best idea. My friend got bronchitis and continued to smoke, his bronchitis eventually went away but I think it would have been quicker if he gave the weed a rest.
  3. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    It doesn't have to be from the bud. When I first started smoking I got horrible chronic bronchitis, I could barely breath or sleep at night. I still smoked though, and got over it. I got strep once too, I didn't smoke during then, I couldn't really. I would wait though, you shouldn't irritate the lungs anymore, give them 48 hours of no smoking and you should be set...
  4. Qwel

    Qwel New Member

    No it doesnt have to be from the bud but chances are if you smoke regularly it is :)
  5. EeJay

    EeJay Senior Member

    I wouldn't smoke if i've got any throat, chest or respiration problem.
  6. Buzz-a-licous

    Buzz-a-licous New Member

    I smoke on a daily basis. I've smoked for about a year and half. Daily for about....9 months maybe? Nearing a year I know. And, its not from the weed, I asked my doctor. :) He said I just had some sort of bug that was getting me, and causing bronchitus.

    I dunno, my bat I have been using to smoke has been reducing the amount I smoke as of late, because I smoke a lot less, and get just as high. So, my throat has been like "I LOOOOOOOOOOVE you little bat"

    I just hate being sick, and Mary's helping nurse me back to health. Such a sweet lady,

  7. Davecv67

    Davecv67 New Member

    I don't smoke that often but when I do I love the effect. However the last 2 times I smoked I ended up with a Lung infection like within 2 days. I smoked a lot in my younger days and don't remember getting sick like this. Is it coincidence or could I possibly have a bad batch with some molds or something. I would think the fire would kill any bacteria. I'm just a bit puzzled.

  8. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Marijuana allergy

    You might have an allergy to mold or to marijuana. I used to be allergic to marijuana. Every time I smoked I'd end up with a sinus infection because the allergy would close off my sinuses. No ventilation would lead to a bacterial infection. I'd be on antibiotics for a week to ten days.

    I quit smoking for several years. Then I was in the presence of marijuana smoke and had no negative reaction so I tried smoking again. The allergy had passed. Hurray!

    There's a long thread on marijuana and mold:

    Marijuana and Mold

    Learn to search:

    The Art of Searching
  9. vladimir

    vladimir Sr. Member

    marijuana and bronchitis

    i have bronchitis that is caused by my allergies. i have an inhaler, and about once a year do some kinda pills that might make my lungs better, and have gone to the emergency room once because i couldnt breathe anymore.
    i also smoke weed, some months none at all and then i sometimes i go on binges where i smoke about 3-5g a day.

    obviously, smoking with a lung problem does not seem like a good idea. ever since going to the emergency room, i have cut back on cigarettes to about 2-3 a week. when my breathing gets really tough, i quit smoking everything alltogether.

    i would really like to stop smoking for like 2 years so that maybe my lungs could get some much needed rest, but i have a hard time convincing myself that smoking weed is actually all that bad for my situation. especially since weed opens up the airways, which is what the inhaler does as well and thats what helps me breathe.

    i dont want to talk to my doctor about it really, and my parents are just saying that i should quit. this gives me no real facts that i am desperately craving, because i really do want to keep my lungs healthy but have a hard time cutting back on weed.

    does anyone have any facts about marijuana and bronchities?
  10. yuri420

    yuri420 New Member

    I was under the impression that marijuana helps bronchitis by dilating the lungs?? :S
  11. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Any kind of inhaled smoke will irritate your lungs. When the lining of your lungs is irritated it makes you more susceptible to bacterial infections - bronchitis. Using a vaporizer would reduce the lung irritation. Eating the marijuana would eliminate it altogether.

    It's not the marijuana that leads to bronchitis. It's smoking it.
  12. simibaby

    simibaby New Member

    Do You Guys Ever Get Bronchitis?

    I'm pissed off, b/c I luv weed and get great quality stuff. But I went to doc today after 4 days of real bad, wheezing cough. He said I got bronchitis and it sucks! It sucks not only because I feel so ****ty but I also hate that peeps been telling me i sound like i have "smokers couugh". You know that sound that cigaret smokers have? I hate cigarets and am upset that only pot is doing this to me. (2nd bout w/ bronchitis in last 6 mos)

    I always and only have smoked one way : via a rolled joint. I've heard of stuff like vapourizers, but almost always smoke on the go, so to speak. so joints are the easiest way for me to do it. Plus, I dont have the patience to deal w/ vaporizers or water pipes. And cooking w/ it and eating it aint possible for me (no patience, time, etc.)

    ****! weed is so special for me, but I cant keep getting sick like this and may have to give it up (if thats even possible!) Can anyone relate?
  13. MiNtSnafu

    MiNtSnafu New Member

    Yea man I know what you are talkin about and I know what you are going through. I didn't have bronchitis but I had a lung infection and it was very similar. The best advice I would have to you first off be to get a small glass pipe, they are easy enough, and cut back on smoking, I know it might sound horrible, but in the long run, you'll get higher and save more money. When you do smoke, take a little, let it kick in, (5-15 minutes) and then continue if you need more.
  14. L0st_St0ker

    L0st_St0ker Sr. Member

    Here's a tool I reckon would suit your smoking needs I bought at a bong shop a while ago..... You don't need to add water to it if you don't want to but for a smooth bong hit feeling all you need to do is add a few mls of water. The mouth peice and the cone unscrews and you can store it inside itself. It's as big as a cigarette lighter so good for your 'on the go' sessions. Right now it has water in it and as you can see it's not even spilling so it's great for carrying in your pocket.
  15. yuri420

    yuri420 New Member

    1) How much?
    2) Does it have a name/brand?
  16. L0st_St0ker

    L0st_St0ker Sr. Member

    1) Think it was around $40 Australian
    2) I dunno of it has a certain name, I would like to know this myself. It works like a bong so to me it's just a portable bong
  17. DMX-MAN

    DMX-MAN Banned

    simibaby, same thing.

    i just recently developed a bad cough but i dont wana see a doctor.

    but n e one out there.. im wonderin, if its bronchitos or a lung infection or whatever, how long dose it take to heal, on average? will it heal on its own? will my lungs be damaged, and, should i stop smoking for now cuz this cough is relly pissin me off, and everyone form friends, to parents, to teachers, to my coach, to random ppl ive never talkled to befor said that my cough sounds like ive been smoking too much, and it pisses me off too.

    im 15.. was(im not gona say is) very healthy, fast metabolism, been smoking weed and only weed for 3 or 4 months, and just developed this cough about a week ago.
  18. vladimir

    vladimir Sr. Member

    my bronchitis is chronic, it will never completely go away, the most i can do is alleviate the symptoms. on that note, i have decided to by a vaporizer. due to the friends that i hang out with, and the fact that i love toking a few bowls, i will not give up smoking. but cut it down by getting high with vaporizer or cookies, that way i will have good motivation to turn down anything more than like 3 bowls.
    also, i recently picked up jogging again, which i had stopped since my lungs got bad. i find that when im jogging, i cough up a lot of stuff, and my breathing gets better.
  19. DMX-MAN

    DMX-MAN Banned

    wow.. i definetly dont want to get chronic bronchitis.
    if a doctor told me i wud get chronic bronchitis if i kept smoking, i wud probably quit. or try. or invest in a vaporizer or read up on recipies. do something n e way...

    so what du i do? (ps read my other post)

  20. vladimir

    vladimir Sr. Member

    the reason my bronchitis is chronic has nothing to do with smoking. it is because my allgeries started it, and now its just something that i have to deal with.
    some info about acute bronchitis, from
    i guess that acute bronchitis is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection, so if you have that, i would suggest quitting smoking until its over.

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