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    All non green weed is not schwag and is not bad. When one gets a bag of bud we don't think about the amount of leaf is involved in growing that bud, whether indoors or outdoors. This material is generally not as high in THC or CBD as its bud. Is it schwag?
    Back in the day before the first Humboldt County craze there were almost NO green weeds. If you were approached by anyone with any green anything you were passed off as trying to sell "homegrown" or "Shakey Green", and felt that you were basically being ripped off. All good weed was either brown, red, or gold. Only some Hawaiian was green. Remember Acapulco Gold, Belize Breeze, and Panama Red.
    The term "schwag" has become an elitist, negative, term and is applied to any weed that is not hydro, not grown indoors, and not expensive.
    First - weed does NOT have to be expensive to be GOOD. Brick weed also has good to excellent quality and that quality IS more expensive when found - again, nothing like the prices of greens. I've set these side by side and For ME, over a 40+ year period, the browns, golds, and reds always won out over green of any kind, no matter what its name or price.
    Second - "Good" weed is in the mind of the smoker. The fact that a person prefers brown over green is a matter of choice in this good ol' USA still. To say that human is crazy or imply they are less in any way for liking brown over green weeds, derides the accuser, not the accused. The marijuana high is a subjective item and to try to impress your values of what "good" weed is, over anyone else's, is downright un-American. We have the RIGHT, the OBLIGATION as individuals to have differences of opinions that are equally as valid as anyone else's. This is what the medical marijuana push has helped create - to make the feeble attempt at social as well as economic stratification. Why is there no call to have the browns, the foreign exotics like Thai, or outdoor localized US weeds, sold in the dispensaries, too? Remember Chaf Basin, Megs County, or Fallbrook - all examples of what can be grown in the US! All excellent products.
    Equally as disgusting is the suggestion that brown weed is "blue collar" weed. Here we go with social stratification. The fact is that after a hard day at the job, many of us want a mellow, "down" high, not some zippy, get-up-and-go smoke - we've been getting up and going all day and would like to slow down, mellow out, even nod out altogether.
    Price is also ridiculous. Why pay 40-50 bucks an eighth for weed that might measure 6 or 7 percent THC. If one is looking at THC content alone not one of these fancy new strains is 8 TIMES the 2 or 3-4% THC content of some of the browns, so why the 8x price? Because indoor growing is expensive, plain and simple. Growers are asking you to pay for their expensive setups whereas the brown weed growers use good ol sunlight - this cannot be duplicated in a greenhouse. We need and have always needed legislation that addressed outdoor growing as well as import. We're missing a Lot of excellent product by being egocentric about green-housing.
    Naming of the indoor grown weeds is also worthy of note. Even though many of the names are clever and interesting to say the least, for the most part they say nothing about the weed itself. For instance the name "kind" or even "dro" does not tell one anything about the origin of the strain or where and how it's grown or the actual character except in the case of "dro", to say its grown hydroponically. Colombian Gold says what it is. Jamaican Red says what it is.
    Lets look at something seldom mentioned across the weed spectrum - character. You see reports about the character of these indoor grown strains but brown weed is played down when this is where the REAL character is. Lets realize that many of the local growing and harvesting methods may be "wrong" by hydro standards. This is not to say that any of the local methods are actually "right" or "wrong". This is suggestive stereotyping. Without the local growing methods Thai Stick would not be what it is. Acapulco Gold could not exist. Panama Red would be snubbed. The growing and harvesting METHODS is what makes these weeds great in addition to locale specific variables such as soil and climate that cannot be duplicated indoors. Hash is a great example of this. In order to make the great Afghan products, the plant has to be BROWN. Were this to change, so would the market for the product.
    In indoor breeding and growing, the other alkaloids, the CBDs have been bred out. These add even more character to the herb and account for some of the differences between indoor and outdoor grown weed. The presence or absence of these is a part of this "character" that enhances our smoking enjoyment. Look at the Malawian product - there is nothing "correct" about packing near dry buds into banana skin rolls. Look at the Brazilian product. And remember Colombian Red?!!
    Personally I Prefer BROWN over green. MY head likes brown better. You can talk down brown all day and it changes absolutely nothing about these subjective qualities because after 40+ years of smoking I've seen first hand the goodness of the browns, reds, and golds. Some of you younger people might should listen to the Old School - your parents, grandparents, and folks of this age group who can remember when most good weed was not green.
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    I've never had good weed that wasn't mostly green. Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, and Columbian Red were all green with highlights in those other colors. Thai Sticks were bright green. The only weed that was brown was Mexican that had been bricked without being thoroughly dried and cured, and stored too long under sub-optimal conditions. The golds and reds are due to the color of the dried pistils. The browns are due to oxidation and other kinds of deterioration. Brown weed is green weed that has degraded.

    If people like to smoke that shit, more power to them, but let's not pretend that it's as good as weed that has been grown, dried, cured, and stored properly. There's a reason brown weed is a lot cheaper.

    Mexican brick weed is Sativa, which naturally has very low CBD.
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    I've seen a lot of brown weed in Mexico... it's alright, but nothing compared to healthy weed.
    I've also seen a lot of brown weed in my vaped weed stash hehe... I wonder why.
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    Where were you during the 60s and before? These weeds didn't get their names from being green at all. Yes they may not be cured in a way that many approve but that is a part of the character. As far as relative potency one might look at the scientific studies done during those times that compared individual constituents to each other. The Government Reports on Marijuana are a good starting point even if you were around then.
    As we know how any particular weed affects any individual is very subjective. This has been one of the problems with any "scientific" measurements attempted on weed. For instance some can smoke green all day and still wonder when the high is going to come while that person next to them smoking the same weed from the same works is stoned out of their gourd. To say a weed is good or bad because it's green or brown needs way more clarification and knowledge of how each individual's head responds. Science has no qualitative methodology for this, only quantitatively by measuring percent composition.
    I've smoked excellent green, brown, gold, red, and purple. In the same vein also have smoked trashy versions of these same colors. To say brown is not good because of its color or origin, is shortsighted unless one has smoked every weed from everywhere and has intimate knowledge of everyone's capacity to be stoned along with their individual circumstances and/or settings when they are getting stoned.
    As for CBD, it is one of the constituents I, personally, like. No inference is made as to what you like. It's a non issue in relation to MY head and visa versa. Because YOU have never heard of it doesn't mean it ain't happenin or didn't/doesn't exist.
    Don't sell yourself so short by being closed minded, arrogant, and egocentric about such a subjective endeavor.
    Open the mind - smell the air.
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    just saying i agree with u completly, its just pot IS green 90% of time even the old stuff most was green, come on buddy there PLANTS ive seen whole plants taken off the buds that were orijinal strains from the 70's and they were green. If you look at 70's marijuana you will notice the majority of buds are in fact GREEN... well alot are black, brown, and red like u said but thats not to say green strains are not all bad they all came from the brown strains right? Right Have you ver seen pot plants the only reason why its brown is probably from curing, Tons if not most outdoor is green, although you certanly get ur share of brown, or both alot of the times its really just green and brown, (youll have bown nugs wth green leaves connected to the bud)
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    I almost pushed my tongue through my cheek to get this one going. As a plant pot is green naturally to start and the brown as you said comes from harvest methodology. What I'm getting at is that localized character is part of the goodness of pot and each area of the pot growing world does it a little differently and each climate and soil is different. Outdoor growing is really something in that sense (sinse). I was lucky enough to be able to take a tour of the US and Canada during the 70s and man what a treat. You should have seen what was being grown in the US, not to mention all the imports.
    A big question/issue to put to this forum is - What about import? Without putting down the North American indoor products, how can the foreign products be brought into the present situation so they can be enjoyed here again also. Right about the only other product available is Mexican and it does come in quite a variety of colors and tastes. But what about, say, Panama Red. One of the things that happened is that weed is decriminalized in many of these countries or the authorities look the other way if you are from there, homefolk. I spoke with some Panamanians who tell me Red is alive and well in Panama but not much is exported because of consumption at home. Brazil is another of these cases. They have trouble just keeping their cities supplied so very little is exported. Malawi seldom gets out of Africa - sold big in Kenya, South Africa. My friends in Acapulco say the same about Gold. What they don't consume locally is sold at high dollar to tourists and never makes the border.
    One of the major considerations is the political climate of the producing country. Not all pot producing countries are friendly to the US. Each has to be dealt with individually. Even in "friendly" countries like Colombia there are issues. Weed became less viable for export from there once cocaine was industrialized and carteled. Just too little buck per volume. A matter of economics. Right now hashish is becoming a stabilizing influence in Afghanistan. A recent CNN video shows a reporter being guarded and guided through hash fields to a farmer who is loading a wagon higher than he is tall with harvest. He tells them he has no problems with either the Americans or Taliban with his crop. I that case not many other crops will grow in their particular climate and bad soils. And what about the reemergence of Vietnam who produces a high quality product? Pakistan? They've always had a good product. And yes many of these are harvested and dried in a way that they are not the fresh greens we know. The green stage is quite potent but has not the character of itself once cured in the localized fashion. Even though it for surely takes away some of the absolute potency, I think - I said "think" - localization adds to the overall character. Don't leave out the outdoor growing capabilities of the US either. Nothing like outdoor grown Indiana or Fallbrook weed if it's well taken care of and dried properly by the standards here. I was a big fan of Kentucky, for instance. Even had some knock down Rhode Island.
    Thanks everybody for the feedback and please keep it coming.
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    Can you please post a picture of this "Brown Weed" because people may have different images in their mind of what your talking about.
  8. bbhank

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    Try this from HighTimes:
  9. bbhank

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    Makes me curious.
    Are there any baby boomers here?
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    yo, my handle is my birth year.
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    Do you remember any of the browns and reds? I know a lot of green started to happen in the 70s. Probably depending on where you were. Remember Colombian Gold? Or Jamaican Red?
    I'm a 60's kid, steeped in the highs of Michoacan, Oxacan, Belize Breeze, Chaf Basin, Thai and the like.
    And there were great greens then also: The Hawaiians, Oxacan, and even our own local Shakey Green.
    Overall, though, I was raised on brown weed and became especially fond of the localized international varietys. This is why I'd like to see these on the market again along side the great product produced in today's greenhouses. Same with the US product. Each state has its own outdoor character. That reflection in its marijuana is interesting to say the least. I can say that from having smoked 25 states outdoor products. We're definately missing a real treat by not legislating big for outdoor growing.
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    Looking at that brick, all I can think of is what we call "corner weed." brown bud is as has been said in this forum already, at least partially degraded. however, I love to see reds and golds on some hairy buds, with some variations, but the base is green. However, I have found that it seems like the greenest buds are sometimes not as good as you pay because its a vanity thing. It's the crystals and the hairs that count in my mind
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    All those crystals and hairs is what makes close up photography of this plant so interesting. Yes, all of it starts out green - the brown comes from how and at what stage it's harvested and what is done to the product after the harvest. That's why one can take seed from that product and grow a more potent product than what came in the bag bought. I've always liked both. My favorite has always been the browns and reds for taste and buzz, where the green has the look with its crystals and hairs but with a high that I can chain smoke.
    And yes - that vanity thing.
  14. Dedbr

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    Commercial is considered brown at times, but in my experience it can be good herb with different highs. I always called it commercial or "commersh"....;)

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    Yup. Yup. Yup.

    We called it "Mersh" and I miss the variety. Now most of it seems to come from Mexico. Having these in the same markets/dispensaries as "medical" would be a big plus.

    As it stands the whole push for medical marijuana has left out the folks who would like to "safely" buy other than hydro. On the street nothing has changed. The laws is still busy. The penalties is still there. Tax money is still wasted.

    What's also apparent is that where medical marijuana has been voted in, there's little to no change at the street level. Many folks don't want to "sign up". Many can't or won't afford the high prices. And there's that few who like browns, reds and golds better. Is this the bulk of the total smokers - and is that bulk still buying mostly brown weed?

    Medical marijuana is only an arm of the overall smoking and cannabis picture, not the other way around. There's the hemp picture that has very little to do with smoking at all. There's the by-product scene of which takes in other uses than getting high as well. I've never supported medical marijuana due to this - the platform is not aimed at the smoking audience as a whole, but to the few who want, and especially, can afford, to pay high prices.

    Gospel: "it can be good herb with different highs".
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    This is my first post in this forum and first I want to say is hey. HEY!:)

    I'm fifty-one years old and I miss the brown, red, gold weed we use
    to get back in the '70s. I miss the taste. My favorite is still Thai.
    I wish I had a four finger lid right now???? Or a mill of honey oil.
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    Yea I know

    Dude, I just picked up some brown bud, but that has crystals, ...I was kinda pessimistic, but I just smoked it, and felt compelled to say...there certainly is shitty brown weed, but there sure the hell is some great brown bud too!!!
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    I always thought brown weed was just bud that was left out too dry too long. I don't know, brown bud looks too much like tobacco. I prefer the healthier looking green bud with orange trichomes n crystals. With the occasional purp :)
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