Brownies empty/full stomach

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by FenderGreen, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. FenderGreen

    FenderGreen New Member

    What is the difference between eating brownies of an empty stomach opposed to a full stomach?
  2. bluedeadbear

    bluedeadbear Sr. Member

    You get munchies faster and you get higher faster
  3. vvicked0471

    vvicked0471 Super mod

    You digest it quicker (meaning the THC gets into your blood quicker), the munchies thing really depends on the person..
  4. SenorSmokesALot

    SenorSmokesALot Subscriber

    I've eaten brownies both with a full stomache and on an empty one and while the high came on a little faster on the empty one the effects were pretty much the same with both: waking up the next morning to find I'd rearranged my room and there were broken crayons everywhere. I don't even remember where I got the crayons from to tell you the truth.... :confused:
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  5. Danny420

    Danny420 New Member

    I wouldn't recommend deserts on an empty stomach. You may get higher faster, but you wont get higher. However, the short burst of sugar and energy will end just as fast and you'll crash, which really sucks when you're high already. I eat them as a desert after lunch!

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