Brownies out of vaporized weed.

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by tanman636, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. tanman636

    tanman636 New Member

    Will there still be any THC? and can someone put some ingredients? thank you.
  2. AnotherToker

    AnotherToker New Member

    There is alot of info here already about cooking with AVB (already vaped bud). The short answer is yes it works and there are tons of recipes right here.

    Search a bit and Im sure youll find what youre looking for
  3. tanman636

    tanman636 New Member

  4. Purpose420

    Purpose420 Sr. Member

    2 OZ grind in a coffee bean grinder hlf OZ at a time, reduce to power, pour it in a dbl boiler, pour in 2 cups of olive oil, simmer 2 hrs, strain in coffee filter, make ur brownies with the oil:)
  5. tanman636

    tanman636 New Member

    i only have like 3 grams right now :( i still have a long way to go.
  6. dk15

    dk15 New Member

    If you only have 3 grams, you can still make some kickin' pbj's. I've done this like 3 times and never been disappointed. There are some good threads about it around, but incase your not down for a good search, here's how it's done ;

    -First, grind your abv to a powder (if you dont have access to any sort of grinder, I have found that putting your abv in between two pieces of paper and simply applying pressure crushes it up and can def. be substituted for a grinder)

    - Next, get a small dish and about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (be careful, don't use too much or you'll end up with enough pb to make like 5 sandwiches) and dump some of your abv on top.

    - Mix that around very well and add the rest of your abv, at this stage I usually put some butter or a few drops of cooking oil into the mixture just to make sure it's good and oily for the thc.

    - Throw your mixture into the microwave for 4 or more cycles of 30-seconds at a time, stirring each time in between (this isn't required, but I like to check on it every 30 seconds as I usually use kind of a small dish and this mixture bubbles up when it gets hot and I could easily see someone putting it in for 2 mins straight in too small of a dish and ending up with a microwave full of bubbly-cannabis-laced peanut butter.

    - When your satisfied with how long you've microwaved it, put your mixture into the freezer until it has solidified enough to spread.

    - Now just make your pb+j, I usually end up with enough pb for 2 sandwiches and contrary to popular belief, if you eat them jelly-side down, they really arent all that bad. enjoy.

    Also, if your one of those microwave skeptics, I imagine you could just add weed to your pb, make a sandwich, wrap it in foil and throw that in the over for somewhere along the lines of 300-375f for like 15 mins. Have fun.
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  7. tomlacovara

    tomlacovara New Member

    make cannabutter first

    You dont cook with the weed. You cook with cannabutter or cannaoil. There are many instructions here on how to make it but the reason is you release the thc and it binds to the fatty acids then you cook with it.
  8. superman420

    superman420 New Member

    You can cook with it but it won't do shit for you. Whats MJ without THC?
  9. superman420

    superman420 New Member

    Please read the previous posts. What THC are you going to release after its been vaped?
  10. r0mster

    r0mster New Member

    lol all the thc left in it after its vaped, thats what

    after a typical vape you can have 30-40% THC left.
  11. BiznessSmoker89

    BiznessSmoker89 New Member

    A friend and I actually used an ounce of already vaporized chronic and it was quite easily one of the best highs I've had. Used the oil to make about 8 brownies. I ate two and was messed up for about 8 hours.
  12. filsonator0012

    filsonator0012 New Member

    post vape is the only stuff i cook with. its AMAZING i make brownies, firecrakers, pb M j, also dinners with high fat content (beef, buttery mashed potatoes, pie, etc..) with vaping you get about half the amount of post vape out. 1 gram of weed = .5 gram of avb. i usually do brownies the most, each brownies has 1 gram of avb weighed out in seperate cupcake holders. all you have to do with the brownie batter is... nothing. some people add an extra egg to the batter but i think its more moist and freakin delicious. plus with post vape it doesnt taste like shit like green bud when you cook with it..

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