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  1. heumy

    heumy New Member

    So, I'm a new smoker, and I wanted to know; do you suggest bubblers as a good way of smoking weed? How does the high from a bubbler compare to the high from a pipe, joint, or bong? Can I hide it in my room? My parents currently do not know I smoke. I am going to buy one from someone at school, and I wanted to know if it's better than other methods. Thanks for the input.
  2. Captainwhoosh

    Captainwhoosh Well-Known Member

    I really like bubblers, and in my opinion, its a lot smoother than a pipe. Nice alternative to a pipe while still staying more portable than most bongs (although ive seen some tiny bongs!). you can also smoke them dry if you cant get to a source of water to fill it up. Hope that helped a lil bit =)
  3. SimpleGreen

    SimpleGreen **********

    Firstly, all methods of smoking will get you just as high. Essentially all that differs is how smooth the hit is, and the volume of smoke you'll be taking in per hit. Can you hide it in your room? Well, that depends on how big it is. I have a tiny sidecar bubbler that I could hide anywhere if I needed, but I also used a multi-chamber monster of a bubbler the other day, and something like that would probably be a bitch to hide. As long as it's not too huge, hiding it shouldn't be an issue...just don't spill the water anywhere after a session.

    "Bubbler" is a pretty general term, basically refering to any pipe that uses water filtration, but isn't really a bong. Hits from a bubbler will generally be smoother than hits from a basic glass spoon or something. But again, it will vary from bubbler to bubbler. My bubbler hits pretty harsh for a water using device, simply because it's so small. I like bubblers because you have the portability of a pipe, and at the same time, the potential for really nice hits.

    Just out of curiousity, how much are you going to be paying?
  4. heumy

    heumy New Member

    Probably around $20-$25.
  5. calnick

    calnick New Member

    I got my bubbler for 25 w/ a case. I have a pic of it up on the bubbler/bong picture forum.
  6. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    Bubblers are great. :)
    They're usually low-priced and have a lot of bang for the buck. Got another for $25 today. The glass screens were thrown in for free!
    Haven't tried it out yet, but when I did an empty rip on it, the air flow was specfreakingtacular.
  7. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    Just got the little baby packed up.
    Hits cool and sweet!
  8. gfish15

    gfish15 New Member

    hello and welcome to smoking.

    my first piece was a bubbler i picked up for 20 dollars it was my favorite piece. it met the concrete when the fuzz caught me and my friends smoking out of it, but was my favorite piece.

    i didnt like pipes because the first time i smoked out of a pipe i took the last hit and got a direct inhale of the flame and burnt my throat. so i was kind of afriad of pipes for a while.

    long story short i bought a bubbler and loved the damn thing used it for 2 months still one of my favorite memories becuase it was my first piece. they are amazing and if you put them in the freezer and make the water really cold the hits are much smoother than in a pipe and they use much less weed then a joint.

    bubblers are definantly worth the money, they are a good investment
  9. Illumination

    Illumination New Member

    I've always loved bubblers. In fact, my first piece was a bubbler. The pipe is only a few months old but it's been used quite a bit and my friends like it too. I mostly use it when I don't want to go through the ordeal of setting up my bong (like it's really a hassle:rolleyes: :laugh:). It also has a fantastic bowl.
  10. homemadebubbler

    homemadebubbler Always bubblin'

    I love bubblers. Hit great, fuck you up, and easy to carry and conceal.
  11. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    I have never used a bubbler before.... BLASPHEMY!! I KNOW!!!

    Its not because I dont want to, its because they arent very popular around these neck of the woods. I dont know why either. Ive smoked with a lot of ppl, and I have never seen anyone with a Bubbler.
  12. king cola

    king cola Sr. Member

    I bought a small bubbler about 7 years ago, the type that could almost fit into your pocket so it was very good for keeping concealed. Think it was about $17, they had a few of them sitting on their counter by the register. It was cheap but still looked cool for how it was made but it had no designs or drawings on it. It was orange but it was clear, you could see through the whole device. It was made of plastic but had a metal stand that would screw onto the plastic center body. Then it had a medal piece that would connect the plastic spout to the plastic body. After a few years when I was cleaning it, I think the water caused the parts you screw together to sort of wear away. The metal parts would screw onto the plastic parts. A piece of the plastic broke off when I was screwing a metal piece on it and I had to throw it out. I don't see them sold anymore like that. I never bothered to buy another smoking device because my sister had a bowl she let me use or sometimes I would roll my own joints. About 3 years ago I decided to buy a nice glass bubbler for about $45. They kept these behind the counter on their shelf because of the size. It was bigger and better made than the one I bought a few years earlier. I like them because they are easy to keep hidden and this one is not cheaply made. I bought a nice little glass bowl a few weeks ago to give me a choice of what I want to smoke out of. The bowl makes for a quick toke.

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