Building Muscle and Marijuana

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  1. Hello! :wave: First I'd like to say this is my first post here, and am very happy to be here. Glad I found such a big comprehensive message board dedicated to the green leaves.

    I'm pretty involved weightlifting. My goal is pretty much to get bigger and stronger. I haven't smoked much since I started training 1.5 years ago. I started lifting to help me quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, it definately did the trick. I've really missed smoking on a regular basis in the past year and half, and am wanted to start up again. I'm wondering if smoking marijuana once a week or every other week will be detrimental to building muscle? Keep in mind that I eat well, sleep good, and don't drink alcohol nor do I smoke cigarettes. I like to blaze up just to unwind and relax. Is this counterproductive to my weightraining?
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    I've never heard any thing that says marijuana interfears with muscle development.....not even propaganda.
  3. Happyman~

    What about those who say that smoking marijuana lowers testosterone levels and reduces lung capacity. The reduced lung capacity would not let more air and blood flow to the muscles for building muscle? Are those just myths?
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    Reduced Testosterone is a myth.....I don't know about reduced lung capacity, but assume it is similar to tobbaco....
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    Marijuana expands the airways and tobacco contracts them....

    I think it should be fine, didnt you see American Beauty ??
  6. lol @ American Beauty
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    Dude, you are safe. I lift weights regularly and toke regularly, and I still get stronger or maintain my strength (depending on how hard or frequent I lift). I smoke everyday too, so you will definetly be ok. Honestly, you could still build muscle even if you smoked cigs and drank alcohol and smoked pot. Cuz I do all those, although I only drink about once a month during summer and once a week in college. Lift and toke on my brother!
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    I've been smoking for 6 months, and I lift very heavily. I havent had any problems at all, and in fact I recently discovered something rather usefull:

    If you manage to get your hands on some kind bud, not the KB that gets you sluggy and sleepy, the type that gets you energetic and increases your heart rate...LIFT WHILE HIGH! I cant begin to tell you how perfect a combination this is. I lifted several reps more (using alot more weight) than normal, because the pain of lifting is greatly reduced while you're high. Try it out. Just be careful while using machines and be sure that you're not SO high that you can't co-ordinate your movements, since of course the key to weight lifting is slow, precise repetitions.

    Hope this helps :)
  9. Smoking cigarettes, marijuana and drinking yet building strength and size? You must be genetically gifted. That's a no brainer for most, though. It doesn't make sense how one can build muscle and strength when you are drinking alcohol (dehydrating your body), smoking cigarettes (lessens blood flow), yet build muscle?

    I guess it's a good thing I don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarrattes anymore, but I guess toking up every week or another won't hurt much.
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    i toke and pump

    i work out almost everyday and toke a doobie often too. No problem that i know of, just dont smoke too much and you'll be fine

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    Well, I guess I should clarify what I said. I played football for four years in high school and lifted very heavily. I actually gained 100 pounds from freshmen year to senior year (from 130 to 230lbs). I used to bench 310 at my peak (and I started smoking cigarettes lightly to heavily from sophomore year on). Then football ended senior year and I met marijuana. I continued to lift semi regularly and toke occasionally. Then I went to college and smoked more and lifted less. In the summer I toked alot and lifted too. In two years of lifting semi regularly, I can still bench 275 lbs. I still don't drink very much and I do keep hydrated. I also run occasionally too. I guess my lungs and muscles were so in shape for football that the crap I have been putting in them for over two years hasn't done much to hinder them. I think I am gonna stop smoking cigarettes. It's stupid. ok. sorry for rambling
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    Smoke for thought

    :mj2: CNN just did a report like 2 days ago about an independent research study 20 years in the making that marijuana actually helps increase lung capacity. And in India bodybuilders use cannabis as a part of their training regiment to gain muscle mass, promote digestion, and build strength.

    Article on CNN Report: Moderate Pot Use May Boost Lung Capacity - It's all that deep inhaling, suggests a study

    Article on India Bodybuilders: Spiritual Use of Cannabis | San Francisco Patient and Resource Center

    Hope this helps you :mj2:
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