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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by bluewolf, Sep 9, 2006.

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    Ok, here it goes,

    I havent smoked pot in about seven months. I had to pass a drug test for the people i work for about three months ago.
    I passed because i was four months clean. Now i have started to eat right and exercise and I am starting to lose weight and burn fat. I am starting to look for another job now and I know if I get the job i want i will be urine tested. No problem, I will keep on abstaning, but, I am 150 lbs over weight, iof i
    exercise and lose weight, will I test positive?? Is there any remaining thc in my fat cells that will show up in my urine
    if I lose weight?? Has it all gone out from my fat cells by now? I would think that since blood circulates in your fat cells, my levels would be so low it wouldnt show up. I just want to be sure. Any thoughts on this?? Sec 3, Buzzby, grilmeats, or any one else can you answer this question??
    I would appreciate it. Thank you, and by the way, you have a great forum here!!!
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    This question was asked a few months ago and some idiot who was banned tried to joke around and might have confuse people. Being overweight slows down THC metabolism but it doesn't stop it completely. You don't have to burn the energy stored in the fat cell to metabolize the THC. There is always a blood supply in adipose tissue and the THC will eventually get metabolized. Muscle tissue does carry more blood circulation than adipose tissue but body tissue wouldn't survive without circulation. At this point, 7 months, you should be clear of all THC metabolites. You are not going to stir up some deep hiden THC molecules. 210 days, you have gone through at least 21 half lives.
  3. bluewolf

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    thanks for the input, fake boobs

    Thank you for your answer!!!! Yes, I believe with 7 months clean no amount of exercise will make me test positive. I would appreciate more comments about this from Sec3, Buzzby, Grillmeats, and any one else?? what are your thoughts on my situation??
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    7 months clean, you oughta be bulletproof.

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