burnout syndrome..

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Rxrgood4u, Mar 7, 2001.

  1. Rxrgood4u

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    aight.....this has been a thing running in my head for a while...... When I first started smoking weed I use to smoke shwagg nasty ****....brown seedy twiggy ****... I use to smoke madly all the time. I never really realized what it was doing to me....I lost intest in school..blah all that ...droped out..blah..but that wasnt from the weed I use to smoked for 1 year of school even durning school..but when I started doing the hard **** I just gave up........ok I stoped smoking weed for a while..."jail" and my mind hasnt really retuned to normal...I feel slower now .. like i lost part of myself almost.... someone told me that marijana deposits somthing on the frontal lobes of the brain..and its simalr to the effects of alzhimers...now i dunno if weed did this to me or hte various drugs I did over the past year....lorzampam in huge doese...crack,. crank,...coke,...........methadone....lots nasty ****...now I only smoke good homegrown,..and when I do .. I get terrible anxiety if its not a indica dominate strain....I cant smoke soaring sativas when I m around people....I need to be with one or two people ..and they have to be very trusted...... maybe I should have slowed down...maybe some alzhimers medication would help balance me out a little.... MAYBE I M JUST NUTZ....
  2. GhostPimp

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    ure nuts man

    weed isnt that powerful of a drug

    if you choose to let it mess up your life it definately can

    but if you choose to stay in control and keep it steering in the right direction then its a simple task

    good luck on getting back on track

    keep smoking.....unless its too much for ya
  3. HillBilly

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    the good, the bad and the ugly

    Howdy Rx!!

    The good= you've straightened up. Congratulations, and I hope you continue to better yourself.

    The bad= You've been pretty hard on yourself. But it's not the marijuana causing these things to happen. Marijuana doesn't deposit anything in the brain, to my knowledge.

    The ugly= A neurologist could verify this, but my assumption is that long term and relentless abuse of multiple substances has forever changed you.

    Irresponsable use of controlled and illicit substances can lead to irreversable damage. There may be areas in your noggin' that don't transmit neurons (brain chemicals) correctly. This is evident in your personality changes, which you have realized.

    Example: People who gobble exstacy will lose some personality. Sometimes the ability to empathize (put themself in someone else's shoes). And the ability to make rational judgement is sometimes decreased.

    The best advise I can give is that hopefully, you'll learn to deal with the changes. If smoking marijuana interferes with your daily activities, maybe you should "keep off the grass" for a while longer. :D


    not roughin' you up.. just giving honest answers.
  4. Rxrgood4u

    Rxrgood4u Guest

    I probly knew this was coming...., the more and more i think about it..I realize the only times I really feel differnt is when I m HIgh and people know it...I m just nervious and edgy, I think its all in my head..thanks for your honesty....
  5. HillBilly

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    one in the crowd

    We're ALL a lil nuttie, man. In our own special ways. So don't be hard on yourself at all, ok? It could be worse, a lot worse. You are still very intelligent, that is evident by your thought process and vocabulary.

  6. burnout man

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    If your nuts then im nuts to.

    I have been experiancing similar symtoms which sucks because when i am actually high i love it more than anything. The only bad symtom i get when i actually high is occasional paranoia and laughing like a mad man..........................BUT THE NEXT DAY...i feel slugish, my head feels heavy, cant concentrate on things very easilly, dont feel like taking to people, can happilly sleep for 14 hours straight( like a mild hangover ). These are actually all things that i can deal with but i cant deal with the the idea that it appears to lower my immunology. I wake up with a cold(runny nose, snezing etc) and also when im high i appear to be alergic to things which i am not usually alergic to eg cats. When im high with a cat i get the same symtoms as before. Smoking it less regually helps and it really does depend on the strain. Although ive never noticed a differance between indicas and sativas..something i will look into. But over all the slugish feeling seem to last quite a long time (up to 3 days). YOU are NOT NUTS i am convinced that weed effects people in different ways depending on their genes. Some people are "weed resistant" and can smoke their hole lives without feeling bad effects but it can spiral others out of control. BUT DOES ANYONE ELSE GET THE HOLE GETTING ALEGIC/COLDS THING AFTER SMOKING??
  7. ohiogary

    ohiogary New Member

    As a veteran smoker of 37 years of usage I agree with the posts above, everyone is different with the effects of cannabis. My perfect setting is in a deer stand, on a warm fall morning no one around but me and mother nature, where I can really enjoy the buzz of MJ. Or down at the river with fishing pole in hand, no bother from anyone, hiking is another thing I enjoy being stone Buts thats just me. I would perfer to do that than, being stone at a family reunion,
  8. GunCow

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    Maybe smoke is bad for you. Perhaps your allergic to some aspect of it or extremely sensitive to disruptions in the respiratory system.
  9. Cruquetas

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    Scientists have yet to prove that weed has any lasting effects on you. They have actually tested the contrary stating that 28 days after being exposed to marijuana your body is completely clean and you are completely normal just like everyone else who hasn't ever touched it HOWEVER within those 28 days there can be noticeable differences in people such as being slower or stupider but that goes away with time.
  10. burnout man

    burnout man New Member

    As a smoker of 37 years

    As a smoker of 37 years have you ever met anyone who gets similar symtoms..colds etc and do you agree that some people suffer from smoking it ragulary and some dont.
  11. ohiogary

    ohiogary New Member

    not really

    I really cannot say that I have known of anyone having medical problems resulting from the usage of cannabis, its like alot of things, you have to use in moderation, I dont suggest anyone to smoke 3-4 joints a day or anything like that, I kind of keep things in check, no smoking while at work wait until the evening when you can really enjoy the sensation, a few one hits of todays weed is all it takes, keeps your tolerance level down. On the weekend nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning and a few one hits. I know some people can work just fine under the influence, Im not one of them, kind get easily confused....and its just not enjoyable for me. When I use to smoke thru out the day, after awhile I know I was not as alert, forget things, but taking a time out really helps, refrain from smoking for a week or so and things clear up.....now this is me.....not saying anyone else experience the same. Best advice stay away from narcotics they will destroy you.....I think thats where your main problem lies...but it will get better as time clears the path
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  12. silencesoloud8603

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    Sounds to me like the problem is psychological and not caused by the drugs; rather the drugs are just an easy thing to blame. What I can definitely tell you is that it's not the weed that's doing this - if it's any of the drugs you listed it's probably the crank or coke (including crack... they're the same thing, just different methods of use).

    Just based on the OP my theory is that it's just an existing tendency of being unmotivated and paranoid. If it is the drugs, it's probably the coke, the meth, or benzodiazepine (Lorazepam) withdrawal. Coke and meth both work mainly on dopamine and norepinephrine (noradrenaline), which are excitatory neurotransmitters. Too much can produce symptoms very similar to schizophrenia, which also heavily involves dopamine. The symptoms *do* sound a little schizophrenia-like (mainly negative symptoms), but there's way too much that's NOT going on for me to think that's likely. The other drug-related possibility is benzo withdrawal. Lorazepam and other benzodiazepines work on the GABA-A (inhibitory neurotransmitter... the same one other "downers" like alcohol and barbiturates work on) receptor and since OP mentioned heavy use this is what I'm inclined to think if it is the drugs. Drugs that work on this receptor cause what's called inhibitory postsynaptic potential - basically, the release of GABA inhibits the release of other neurotransmitters. When the brain is used to the presence of a physically addictive drug, quitting that drug leads to withdrawal symptoms, or the reversal of the drug's effects. With benzos these withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, irritability, trouble sleeping, etc.

    To the OP: In short, I'm not here to tell you what drugs to do or not do. If you go back to lorazepam be careful because withdrawal could be contributing, but it sounds like your main problem is a few bad habits. Figure out what works to get you motivated, get your shit together best you can, and educate yourself on ANY drug you do instead of relying on smoker's myths from your buddies. You have an attitude problem, not a drug problem.

    Best of luck!
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  14. t11lmg

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    dude...10 year necro of this thread.
  15. Cruquetas

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    Yeah but i wasn't answering the OP when i commented i was answering burnout man but you're right hahah thats crazy
  16. HigherMotives

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    thought i was trippin

    bro ur not crazy that shit has happened to me too many times. identical symptoms too! around ppl i freaked out with anxiety attacks, completely lost my train of thought(alzheimers effect), unresponsive(even when sober) ect. idk what to do about it cause i love smokin too much. what helps though is to remember that all it is, is anxiety. also, consider having ur doc prescribe some anxiety meds.
  17. rellikk

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    Your burning out bro. This happened to me almost every time I smoke with my friends. When me and my buddies smoke its never just one joint, we usually sesh every fifteen minutes or so for a couple of hours. I always sleep for at least twelve hours and the next day it feels like i have absolutely no energy. Take a Tbreak, and when you smoke next time try and limit your intake to around one joint, and not a couple joints and bowls over the course of a few hours. This should fix the marijuana induced comas and lack of energy you've been experiencing, as it has for me.
  18. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    anything can be addicting if you make it. people say "it's just weed - i can't get addicted, nothing bad in my life will happen"... but it's not necessarily the case. if you do nothing but smoke pot all the time and hang out with people because they have weed, all you'll wanna do is that and it'll become a hbit and you'll be bored and depressed if you're not doing it.

    honestly though dude, i've been through personal shit involving RX meds and other street drugs (and this was in the winter time as well so i was already depressed) it screwed me up! i wasn't sleeping during the night and it's dark all the time so whenever i went out it would be at night, and i realized that when you're only "friends" with people because of drugs, they'll NEVER be there for you when you really need it.

    I would quit EVERYTHING, even the weed for a little while and try to get a clear head. evaluate why you're feeling this way, get out, go bowling or some shit - DO SOMETHING FUN besides drugs! I know it's hard to do when drugs are the only fun thing to do around in some places.

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