Buying my first glass pipe - Help!

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by jason7308, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. jason7308

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    Hello People,

    OK, I've finally decided to buy my first pipe. I'm looking at a 4" glass spoon, with a 2"-2.5" bowl. The problem is, I would prefer to buy one online because there are no headshops here at school (I really don't want to make the trek to Toronto). Compounding the problem, I don't know anyone who has bought a glass pipe online, so I have no idea which sites are reputable. I'm looking to spend approx. $40 CAD (give or take a little), and I want a quality piece which preferably comes with a glass filter.

    This is one pipe that looks really good, but I can't seem to register on the site, and they haven't answered my email...

    Glass Pipes, Glass Spoons, Glass Bongs, Glass Bubblers, Glass Waterpipes, Pollen Press -

    I would prefer to buy from within Canada, and does anyone have any comments/suggestions regarding wongbong or any other online retailer? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  2. Tenderlungs

    Tenderlungs Sr. Member

    I know is reliable as I have ordered from them a couple of times in the past.
  3. jason7308

    jason7308 New Member

    Thanks for the referral, but I would prefer a website that accepts visa as a method of payment. That place did have good selection and reasonable prices though!
  4. Turkey_Tuesday

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    I haven't personally bought a pipe online but I have had friends who have bought from the below website and they got there stuff ok I would suggest a red eye pipe I own at least 3 red eye pieces they have a very high quality with a price that isn't too harsh at all, best of all the site is Canadian which would probably lower the cost to ship to you, screens are not included unfortunately.

    Take a look and tell us what you decide.
    EDIT: she takes visa too ;)
  5. M U X S T I C K Y

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    Hit up a head shop bro you get so much more selection. Also here are a few tips to buying a pipe.

    -If the pipe changes color and you want to know what it looks like when it resins up, put the pipe on a black t-shirt and look at it.

    -Make sure the bowl is a good size for you and depending on how much you like to smoke a one sitting or else get a larger bowl for group smoke downs.

    -The hole that connect the pipe and the bowl make sure it isn't to big this can be a problem and might suck your weed out of the bowl with it's close to cash.

    Hope I helped and buy a stellar pipe. :D
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  6. GiniRoo

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    =) Fantastic

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