Buying pipes through paypal

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by jt4life, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. jt4life

    jt4life New Member


    Im looking to buy a pipe off the net using paypal. Anyone know of any good, trustworthy sites to do this from?

    Im also looking for a site to buy custom pipes or stealth pipes from. Thanx alot! :cool:
  2. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    I don't think we can post commericial links here, but I'll PM you a few suggestions.

    Just because you're from Iowa ;) Seriously, at least in the part I live in, it's easier to get weed than stuff to smoke it with.
  3. laylong

    laylong New Member

    This is going to sound so offbase but dont use paypal! There is such a high margin of getting ripped off or simply having the service crap out on you and you losing your cash. Just read before you use it!
  4. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze New Member

    can u use a cheuqing (sp) account with paypal, kuz i dont have a credi card, nor can i get 1

    and i heard u can use your cheuqing account with paypal.
  5. ManMulcahey

    ManMulcahey Wilson, King of Prussia

    use you'll be very happy
  6. darkliege

    darkliege Banned

    anyone know if california color changers will ever be back up? I bought my bubbler from there 3 days before Op Pipe dreams shut it down. I got pretty lucky and didn't lose the 125 for it and recieved my pipe 3 weeks later

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