Buying Seeds In Bulk.

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by FruitLoop, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. FruitLoop

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    Where can this be done? Most sites I've looked at being linked from Grasscity and the like are in the range of 10 seeds for $60 Dollars. I'm not looking to buy 1000 Seeds of White Widow for $700. I'm looking to buy 1000 mid-grade seeds for $50 Dollars.
  2. Buzzby

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    Buy yourself an oz of the cheapest schwag you can find. If it's anything like the schwag we got back in the 60s and 70s, it'll be half seeds. I don't know what the commercial growers do for seeds, but all of the seed banks I've looked at sell seeds in 5, 10, or 11 seed packs.

    Schwag is often genetically good weed that's grown without much concern for quality. If you find some that gets you high, you should be able to do much better from its seeds.

    PS: Letting the world know that you're in the market for 1,000 seeds could easily attract attention you don't want to have. It's like putting up a billboard saying, "I'm going to start a big pot farm!"
  3. 1956

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    Agreed with Buzzby

    I have encountered some very nice sativas the last two years, one seedless, the other had a few that were both grown from Mexi-brick seeds. Just given a lot of tender loving care.

    As stated on this site before few people seem to get in any trouble when there small seed orders do get intercepted, but a 1000 seeds screams commercial enterprise.
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    I'll just tell my guy to start saving seeds. The spot is about a half mile behind my house in the woods and at least a mile in any other direction. Absolutely no one goes back there. It's close to an acre worth of opening there with a few trees I'm going to cut down. A few logs to move too. Put a fence around it for deer and I should be good to go.
  5. 1956

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    Be Careful

    I have no idea how much work would be involved with growing 100 plants, but suspect that quality might suffer, providing you don't go to jail.

    why not spend $50 on some quality genetics, clone them a few times and then give a lot of TLC to a high quality crop.

    Ten plants grown outdoors will produce a lot of product.
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    You're right I shouldn't be saying any of this but as T.I. says: "no such thing as a jail". I don't know how to clone but from what I read I was under the impression that you couldn't clone plants outside. I do not have the permission or space to do it inside. I was going to get some supply's and build a very basic shed at the spot for the cutting and drying part. Was going to hang them.

    I live in the backwoods when I say nobody goes back there, I literally mean nobody. The only chance I see that I have to get caught is if a plane flys over very, very, very, very low. Remember when I said I'm in the boon docks? The county can't afford a helicopter, probably not even the heat sensory thing you need to find heat sources in the woods.

    I just want to add it's not hillbillyish at all just what you could call remote. I imagine in the city you would have to drive about 3 or 4 hours outside the city and pull off into the woods making sure your car is concealed then do your thing. Lucky for me all I got to do is walk the length of my yard.
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    Sorry double post. Can someone delete this?

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