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Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by OGLucifer, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    Hey I had a question in regards to buyin seeds online

    I am Preparing to start my first grow, and need to get some fine seeds ( maybe northern lights ;) )

    I recently picked up an issue of HIgh Times and saw the attitude seedbanks add and was very interested in purchasing some seeds, but I'm not sure if there is any legal risk in doing so.

    I'm a tad confused as to how I can pick up a magazine in a local deli for 5 bucks, see an add to buy a product and get into legal shit for doing so.

    Anywho... Are there any ways around buying seeds online without getting caught?

    If I do get caught? What's the worst that could happen?

    I live in New York.

    This is an extremely useful and enjoyable forum and I applaud all of those who are keeping it going and supporting marijuana lovers everywhere
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  2. HipsterDoofus

    HipsterDoofus New Member

    Buyin' seeds online is probably the safest part of growing. The worst that can happen is customs might intercept your order and seize it. Then they send you a letter sayin' so. And that's it.
  3. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    My advise from my own experience is: Spend as little as possible so you won't lose too much money if things go bad. I bought some seeds from that company and they were immature. Only one seed germinated and it turned out to be a male. Some people have good luck with that place but I got screwed.
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  4. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    Yeah I'm not so much worried about money as I am about getting police at my door or a fine or some shit. Someone told me you can get really screwed over if They catch you.

    There is no alternative process to avoid detection?
  5. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    I don't think the intent to cultivate marijuana is a criminal offense and I doubt the seeds you'll buy would be enough evidence to bring a case against you. This is only my opinion.
  6. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    I hope that's the case, is there a better thread or site anyone knows of that talks about experiences and reviews of sites shipping to the US?
  7. SourDieselMan

    SourDieselMan New Member

    I have always wanted to order seeds online just haven't got around to doing so yet. I have a friend that lives in the same town as me and he ordered seeds from attitude seeds bank and they arrived to him no problem. He said almost all of them germinated and were females so that's good.
  8. Warren W

    Warren W New Member

    Sounds like a tweak,Merry Christmas All !
  9. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

  10. Eric904P

    Eric904P New Member

    what is the best place to buy seeds from?
  11. Enta

    Enta New Member

    Buying seeds

    Exactly. Money is less of an issue than Police beating down your door. Have you seen Barry Cooper's video "Never Get Busted"?

    "............Video by some ex cop guy "
  12. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    I have used Attitude with success in getting the seeds and in germinating females form feminized seeds.
    If you order using a Visa gift card from a public WiFi location, there is no proof that you ordered the seeds. Your worst enemy could have had them sent to you to get you in trouble, or you could have some sent to Barack Obama at the White House.

    The conventional wisdom is to have a different location than where you plan to grow be the consignee (receiver). But the probability of them getting to you is high. You just missed the besst shipping season, Thanksgiving to Christmas, when the mail is so overloaded that your odds go way up. has a lot of info on ordering seeds and different seed banks. It's scary the first time, but no big deal.
    Google Barry Cooper and see what others say about him, before you believe everything that he has to say.
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  13. Eric904P

    Eric904P New Member

    im going to use a proxy buyer the first time, he is 18 and a good friend and toking buddy, so ill have him order what i want off of attitude, and then i pay him back. that way i dont have as much to worry about, and he doesnt care bout getting caught, given hes been in juvi twice. plus i read online, even if u order seeds, thats not illegal. its just illegal to germinate them, cuz u can have a seed collection as long as none get planted.
  14. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    I am not an attorney or in law enforcement, but it is my understanding that in the US seeds are considered a part of the plant and you are subject to any criminal charges that would apply to possessing MJ in your jurisdiction. Please verify the above statement before acting on that info alone.
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  15. Eric904P

    Eric904P New Member

    i read this off of attitude seeds, right underneath the "add to cart" button. that may apply to just European countries only, tho.
  16. Enta

    Enta New Member

    Yes, the conventional wisdom is to have a different location........ I know Barry Cooper recommends that for buying seeds online.

    But I have a problem with that recommendation: what about if the friend whose address you are using to receive your "stuff" is ALSO growing, and hasn't told you (which he/she SHOULD NOT tell. You can't tell ANYBODY, not even your kids, about growing). So if you have your shipment sent to a friend who also happens to be growing, OH, MY GOD! Now you've gotten your friend into trouble......

    That would probably be the end of that friendship....And considering that friends are few and far between....

    Any other suggestions for ordering seeds safely (other than sending them to your own address after buying with a gift card, and, of course, from an outside computer)?

  17. Eric904P

    Eric904P New Member

    thats very true. where i was planning to order my seeds to i happen to know is a target for cops anyway, and i suspect him of growing. ill just buy some seeds he already has off of him and not get him in trouble.

    my problem is that i have other inhabitants in my house that would discourage my smoking, and most certainly flip out if they knew i was trying to grow, and they are home almost all the time where as i am not.

    anyway, im getting 30 OG Kush seeds for 20 bucks, confirmed to be all feminized!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD THIS GUY IS RIPPING HIMSELF OFF!!!!!!!! im sceptical that they are foreal, but for 20 bucks what the hell. it costs less than what i spend on a dime bag.
  18. rragalakrond

    rragalakrond New Member

    Wait, it costs less than what you're spending on a dime bag? A dime bag is $10 worth of weed, hat are you getting in a "dime bag"?
  19. Check around. There are sites that rate the different Seedbanks for their credibility. Remember that this is an illegal activity and the seedbanks know this and that prompts a lot of scammers to lurk in the background. However, good genes for your plants are definitely worth the risk.
  20. Eric904P

    Eric904P New Member

    I think im using the term wrong. l im using it as a nick is 1 gram, a dime is 2 grams, ect. a 20 sack gets about 1.7 grams, so 20 dollars is less than what i pay for 2 grams.

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