CA grow laws and limits questions....

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by TamyLove420, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Ok so lets say you are drying your 6 or so pounds off your LEGAL GROW (in sacramento california the limit is 6 mature plants, about a pound off each plant) and for some god forsaken reason you end up getting handed a search warrant from law enforcement, the law here in sacramento specifically states you can posess 8 "PROCESSED" what happenes when your whole 6 pounds is "PROCESSED"????

    lets say this actually happened. chances are you would at the VERY LEAST end up having to defend your legal rights in front of a judge, and lets not forget, having to explain it to every possible employer that does a backround check, as an arrest does NOT get removed from your record even if the charges are dropped, or unfounded.

    so finally, how would you defend yourself (legal rights) ON THE SPOT to prevent being detained??

    sorry for all the hypetheticals, but im thinking this is not a uncommon situation.... so THANKS FOR ANY AND ALL IMPUT!

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