California Grown.

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    California grown,
    The Golden State is my home.
    Try and keep up and
    I’ll be your chaperone.
    From the border at Calexico up to Crescent City,
    The weather is amazing and the weed is green and sticky.
    And you can’t forget the women, all the girls are fine,
    Summer days on the beach sleeping in the sunshine.
    SD, SF, SJ, LA,
    Brisk One, Gypsyrock, and Shepard Fairey’s Obey.
    I love everything about the place where I live,
    and I’m blessed with such a gift to be a California resident.
    There’s nothing better than this perfect weather,
    So let’s take a trip through California together.

    I wrote this to the beat of Ghetto Rhythms by Viktor Stone found here:

    Ghetto Rhythms | Viktor Stone
    All feedback is welcome, thanks!

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