can a 16 year old receive there medical card?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by majestik, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. majestik

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    im 16 years old and i was recently diagnosed with a cancer.its a rare type called synovial sarcoma. it is on my leg. I've gone throughout two surgeries so far and have another one booked soon. they have taken a decent chunk of my leg out, i had to get 22 staples last surgery.hopefully it will be my last surgery. i have horrible pains and twitching in my leg all the time now. I have a real hard time sleeping and eating and its just been very difficult for me. the pain pills I've been prescribed are addicting and just make me sick to my stomach. i there any way i can get a medical marijuana card in nevada or california.
  2. gman0179

    gman0179 New Member

    If you're under 18 and have cancer than you can get a medical card. I didn't understand your last part, where do you live?
  3. Addict 7S

    Addict 7S New Member

    I think you have to pass a grammar test first.
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  4. Buzzby

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    If you live in a medical marijuana state and you're a minor, you can get a card with a doctor's (sometimes 2 doctors') recommendation and your parents permission.
  5. friedfever

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    The kid has cancer and you're making jokes.....ha fucking ha. I'll remember to laugh when you get fucked up.
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  6. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Laughter is the best medicine.
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  7. gman0179

    gman0179 New Member

    Not cruel laughter..
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  8. Keith

    Keith Guest


    I thought it was rather harmless, to be honest. Maybe not in best taste, but certainly not cruel.
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  9. Emjaylover

    Emjaylover New Member

    I'm sure he's very offended by someone telling him he has bad grammar on THE INTERNET, never would I use poor grammar at such a proper place. Yes, the internet has the highest of standards.

    Besides, if I were personally a cancer patient I wouldn't want people to treat me differently by not making jokes about me, that's really just being insincere and fake.

    But in all honesty, good luck with this whole situation and I hope you get the medicine that's rightfully yours. :mj2:
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