can a k9 smell INSIDE your stomach?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by cpd92574, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. cpd92574

    cpd92574 New Member

    say, if you were going to take an international flight... and had)

    A: eaten a bunch of marijuana, say in amsterdam, or

    B: eaten some marijuana, sealed in baggies or w/e, for smuggling purposes,

    could a drug dog smell it THROUGH your flesh?

    and if he can, and a search yeilds nothing, what will the officers do?
  2. Phyxius

    Phyxius New Member

    I really really doubt a dog would be able to detect that...
  3. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    No way....isn't going to happen. A dog has a very sensitive nose, but no way can they smell INSIDE you. think about it....the resin/tar in your lungs would be fair game if a dog had those capabilities.
  4. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    If you eat it, you may be belching it and 'farting' marijuana tainted gas.
    Also, if the police suspect you have comsumed something, they can detain you until you pass it or give you laxatives and wait you out.
  5. cpd92574

    cpd92574 New Member

    well im not too worried about them suspecting it, but it just seems like.. well my body isnt all that much thcker than say... a cooler, and a dog can smell through a cooler...

    that isnt true, the dogs only smell for unburnt marijuana, everything in your lungs is burnt up.. the dogs dont smell for that.

    i was gonna like.. put it in a bag or something attached to a string. i really really dont wanna go fishing thru my **** for something im gonna ingest.
  6. K9Copper

    K9Copper New Member

    I won't get into all the laws of search and seizure related to body searches and sniffs, but here it is in a nutshell. For the 20 bucks worth of pot you could possibly smuggle internally, you can have it! I'm not digging through your crap for a misdemeanor arrest! Trust me, I have far more important things to tackle than getting skunk weed out of a skunk as..... oh, nevermind :cool:
  7. cpd92574

    cpd92574 New Member

    thanks for the reply officer!

    it still leaves me wondering tho, would the presence of marijuana or hashish in my stomach alert a drug dog that i were to walk by, resulting in a search, etc...?

    and if your dog goes off, and you search/find nothing, do i just get to go free?
  8. K9Copper

    K9Copper New Member

    Really I don't know. That question could be better handled by a K9 Officer that works at a point of entrance/exit to the US. See, it is not permissible for a dog to search a person except in ports of entrance/exit to the US, like airports, and in prisons. The dog MUST be passive alert for obvious reasons.
    It all depends on what other intelligence the Officers might have. If they got a tip you are body carrying, then they would go further. I would think more info would have to be present to make the Officers search further. This is not a cut and dry type of scenerio with only one right answer.

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