Can I be arrested for being stoned??

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by mcblaze, Feb 13, 2002.


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    You can't be arrested for smoking marijuana, just possessing it. I have heard of no laws against being high. Maybe they don't care if you did have it, just if do you have it.
  2. no you cannot be arrested for being high only if you have weed on you and they search you the high only gives them propable cause to search you if they dont find anything they cant do anything unless your on probation then your screwed but other wise no they cannot arrest you for being stoned in public or private:cool:
  3. Niteshift

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    Hossman and Stonerman...........

    You're giving dangerous advice. What you are saying may or may not be true in your states, but in some states, including CA and TX, you most certainly can be arrested for being high in public.
  4. not from what i know

    no you can not be arrested for being stoned from my knowlegde ive gone up to cops blazed out of my mind not even knowing what im doing and come right out and said im stoned as hell they dont do anything except laugh at you and tell you to go home and sober up but this is NM police have bigger things to worry about like when im gonna pull my next runner at the licker store:devil: or chasin down crack heads or some thing. pot is not a big deal to cops the here any more hell the cops these days lived through the 60's and 70's you know theyve gotten high and you know they liked it so i doubt a stupid cops gonna arrest you for being high the only reason a cop can arrest you is if you have weed on you not if your under the influence
  5. Niteshift

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    Damnit you're not paying attention.:rolleyes:

    I said you might be correct IN YOUR STATE, but to give a blanket answer like you did is wrong. In other states you can be arrested for it.

    If you plan to dispense legal advice, you'd better learn to be specific or you'll set one of your friends up for failure.
  6. as far as i know

    in NM you cant be arrested for being stoned in public but you can how ever be search for being high because being high gives probable cause to search some one ive been searched for being high in a public park but never arrested i dont know about other states but im prretty sure its the same thing for TX because my cousin lives there and she's a big pot head and she got caught high by the cops not too long ago but she wasnt arrested she was how ever taken down to the police station to be searched she didnt get arrested she got fined when i was in cali visiting my dad and some friends i was out with my friends at a park getting high and the cops came to the park and just took our weed and threw it out i might have just gotten lucky but i dont know im not too familiar with the laws there i have been arrested for drug use but that was for other drugs besides weed if the cops want they probably could arrest you just dont be stupid and mouth off to the pigs cause then they will arrest you I know the law's around here but in other states you might wanna watch out if a cop pulls you over and has suspision that your stoned dont tell him your stoned cause then yeah theyre gonna arrest you just play it cool and dont be a dumb ass and youll be fine :thumbsup:
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    i think no matter what you do if a cop knows your high its realy up to him what to do from their. he could decide he has donuts to eat and can't fit it in his scedule. or he could decide he wants to lose some wait by charging you with PI and threatin to slap you with ressisting arest or withholding truth if you argue and don't answer questions. cops got to much power 'nuff said. not to dis' cops above. some are kewl a rare occurance but everyonce in a while you encounter a good cop. they may not do drugs but some are kew and respect people and their choices. but most of em are greedy fat piggies. so its like your getting arrested or not pretty much depends on the moood of the cop.
  8. Niteshift

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    "he could decide he has donuts to eat and can't fit it in his scedule"

    "or he could decide he wants to lose some wait by charging you with PI"

    "but most of em are greedy fat piggies."

    And I bet you wonder why you don't encounter more "kewl" cops.:rolleyes:

    Think about this sport............ ever wonder how many cops come in here and read crap like that? I know of several.

    As far as your gross stereotyping of cops as fat doughnut eaters.......... I'll put my body fat ratio against yours any day.

    Tell ya what, I'll even do you one better............if you find yourself in Florida, drop me an email. Maybe you could come train with my team. If you made it till lunch, I'd be suprised. If you came back after lunch, I'd be impressed. And.......if you actually made it through the whole day......well, I could promise about anything at this point, because I'll never have to pay it.
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    Come on now, niteshift is doing us a favor just by being here... no need to knock his profesion... I've been doing some marathon training with a couple members of the local pd and I think they are in pretty good shape...

    Niteshift, I wouldn't be too cocky.... some of us stoners are actaully in pretty good shape:) ...but I suppose your probably speaking from expirience and have chased down on foot more than your fair share of potheads... :(
  10. Niteshift

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    I think I can afford to be cocky on this one................ We've had a number of non-SWAT guys come out for training (reporters, researchers, students). Even some of the active duty military guys couldn't hang. It's not all about physical toughness, there is a decided mental aspect to it as well.

    Some don't make it past the rapelling tower.

    Some don't make it past the shoot/don't shoot exercises.

    Most don't make it past the waiting games.......crouching in a uncomfortable position for extended periods of time.

    I'm sticking with my bet..........I think I'm safe.
  11. be safe dont be dumb

    im sorry nightshift if ive pissed you off i didnt know you were a cop but ive had my fair share of asshole cops in the past and im not very trusting of cops any more i have realy no respect for them or there laws because ive been harrased by them and beaten im sorry to affend you by using the term "pig" its just a word i use to address them i hate cops (no offence) they just piss me off and i think its kinda of fare for me to be pissed at them because ive been in bad situations were ive been taken down for walking through a school or just plain walking down the street but any way ive been doing some searching on this subject and ive found that you can be arrested in some states but cant be actually be locked up for over a week or two i only got info on some states around the sw and you can but only for a short period of time not prosicuted:chokin:
  12. Niteshift

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    Well, if nothing else, you are now doing research and actually reading laws yourself, instead of relying on urban legend and "some guy told me". That kind of law gets people into a bind. And you're finding out how much one simple law can vary from one state to another.

    So, since you're actually learning, I'd say the whole exchange is a positive thing, wouldn't you?:cool:
  13. blitzedstoner

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    what do any of you know about the law in kansas cause i have a fu*ckin serious redeye problem most of the time and without visine or some sh*t like that my eyes are always blitzed so what would they be able to do to me in this case

  14. ADR531

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    They can't to a damn thing. I was walking in from the mall and was stopped by a cop and was with some friends. My eyes were wicked red but that's bc i get allergies this time of year. I wasn't even high and he was like, what were u doing in the woods etc. he told me to stay outta trouble and that 'he knew what i was up to but he was letting me get away'. whatever.
  15. Niteshift

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    Once AGAIN......... the answer is state specific. What you can get away with in CT is not the same in every state.
  16. Herb Ninja

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    Yes you can be arrested for doing almost anything. Does that give the cops or anybody the right to, NO. If these cops really new the law they would be enforcing laws under their juristiction and not under ours. My opinion is that it comes down to guns, and now they are trying to stop us from owning them so they can have their power trip. The police and politicians are the criminals. Just my opinion, but I could be wrong. Peace-
  17. Niteshift

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    "If these cops really new the law they would be enforcing laws under their juristiction and not under ours."

    Huh???:confused: What exactly is your jurisdiction?

    "My opinion is that it comes down to guns, and now they are trying to stop us from owning them so they can have their power trip. "

    Oh, you stepped in it now.............. Gun control is my pet project. I wholeheartedly support citizens rights to keep firearms for their defense. So do over 80% of law enforcement officers polled. I can cite you a number of studies that have shown police supporting the right to keep and bear arms up in the 90th percentile.

    You happen to live in an anti-gun state, but don't foist your incorrect prejudices on everyone else. Cops do not support gun control and I have proof. I'll be happy to look at any proof you have to the contrary.

    "The police and politicians are the criminals."

    Gross stereotypes are almost never correct, just like in this case. I'm a a crime I've committed.
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    man niteshift... i just joined these boards and thus far i've gotten the impression that just about everyone comes to you for the correct answers heh..... plus you gotta put up with all this kinda ****... props on your patience...

    anyway, i just wanted to throw my 2 cents in... I live in CA and have only been issued ONE ticket in relation to marijuana (which i received less than a week ago) in my several years of using the substance. The first time i got caught with herb (which was ~2years ago) the cops were extremely cool to me and my friends. Given that they illegally entered my friend's residence, and then saw us sitting there with a 2 foot Jerome Baker and then proceeded to search all of us, finding about an 1/8 on me and a pack of cigarettes (i was 17 at the time). They ended up not writing any tickets, they just took my weed, and didn't even take my friend's bong. After they gave us the "we could write you up for.... and bla bla bla" speech, they started shooting the **** with us for a good 15 minutes..

    anyway, the point of my post being that not all cops are out to be assholes... in my experiences with police, the rookies tend to be more aggressive because they sorta have to, otherwise they'll prolly be fired if anyone found out they let someone slide... but I beleive the veterans on the other hand have more pull in the force and have been more leanient (sp?) in my experiences
  19. Niteshift

    Niteshift L.E.O. in Good Standing

    Of course sometimes I lose my patience........but I'll keep trying.:)
  20. PeweeSmoker

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    From what i know and im from NY if you get caught smoking it you
    just get a fine but if they catch you hi i guess they arrest you only if your young or something.

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