Can I donate plasma?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Mtg_dk, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Mtg_dk

    Mtg_dk New Member

    I lost my job on the 20th and just now found another, but it won't start until the 8th of july. I'm broke. About the only way I can think of to make enough money to get by on until then is to donate plasma. I probably won't even get a check from the new place until the end of July (damn, just thought of that). I can't afford the time to get clean.

    Can I donate Plasma if I smoke weed? I know they will reject you if you tell them but do they do any tests?
    The plasma center here just switched over from Sera-Tec to

    Have any of you ever donated plamsa while you had weed in your system? If I do donate and it comes back positive, will I ever be able to donate again or will my name be flagged and a "do not accept" type of thing. Thanks.
  2. Shaba Zero

    Shaba Zero New Member

    You might want to consider selling your stuff on ebay with three day auctions. You know, musical instruments, computers, etc. If you accept payment by paypal you could have cash in a week. Doesn't help your situation much, but still --

    Last time I had to find an apartment fast I sold a synthesizer on ebay for $410. Broke my heart, but I was able to pay for the apartment. [shrugs]

    Good luck.
  3. donate sperm

    just an idea
  4. TheGreenBlazer

    TheGreenBlazer New Member

    All that pot smoking must have killed his sperm count.
  5. Bailey1138

    Bailey1138 Senior Member

    yeah you can, I did, but I don't recommend it. not a very fun experience.
  6. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist

    How not fun is it, Bailey?

    How much money do you get from donating plasma?

    Am I too young if I'm 17? I've donated blood before... Where do you go to donate plasm?

    Hehe, I just want some money :devil:


    I did a little search on the web and found a helpful article about it.

    This part caught me:
    A physical is required to donate plasma. In the physical NABI tests for drugs like marijuana. If the test returns positive, it is kept on file, and the individual will not be permitted to donate again.

    Did they say anything to you, Bailey?

  7. Captain Honkey

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    What the hell is plasma?
  8. FootlongFatty

    FootlongFatty Senior Member

    sex mayonaise!
  9. Mtg_dk

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  10. schwadood

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    when me and bailey donated plasma there wasno physical taken. at the place we went to (there are probably plasma donation centers around poorer areas) i think they gave you 15 bucks on your first visit and like 20 or 30 on your second one within a week. You could not donate more than twice a week.

    as far as it not being fun, its alright if you don't mind a needle sticking in your arm for an hour or two. They did have tvs for us to watch, but that didn't really help. and sometimes you'll end up with bruising around your arm.
  11. FieldsOfGreen

    FieldsOfGreen New Member

    I don't care if anyone agrees or not, but this is what I used to do for 2 years before my music deal.

    Sell your sperm.
    They pay $40.00 per cup if you qualify, and have a high enough sperm count.
    They allowed 3 times a week, so yes, I was there
    But hey, beatin your **** into a cup, and GETTIN PAID??
    Easy desicion.
  12. lol funny ****

    lol a ****in regular at a sperm place. thats sad. people like know your name Wackin' Will. come in every monday wednesday and friday. lol i better there are wierd ****s out there like that
  13. Captain Honkey

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  14. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    I sold my guys a couple times too, but one time when the nurse passed my card. she said "We dont need your services anymore" i figured it was because i smoked too much weed and had a low sperm count or something. I know that my guys are healthy. i went back and asked if they had used my guys to fertelize someone she said she wasnt allowed to tell me that. I said i dont want the name i just want to know if im a dad, she sad my stuff was trashed but didnt tell me why. That took a load of my concience. Hopefully it was because of my marijuana use.

    Now i say dont donate sperm, i know for sure that i dont want some kid 20 years from now knocking on my door saying "hullo dad!". What if im a old rich dude and get myself one hot 18 years old chick and i find out shes my daughter?! No sir, from now on my guys are going from my balls straight into the rubber wall or the in the drain :laugh:
  15. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    i got 5 words for ya. thank god for birth control.
  16. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    Thank god nothing, if it was up to god he would it make it a natural thing, you just thought "i dont want to make babies, just fun" now then i would thank god. I thank Sir Condom :goof: or Johnson&Johnson :laugh:

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