Can I donate plasma?

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by whatsideofthebox, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. whatsideofthebox

    whatsideofthebox New Member

    I'm looking to donate plasma and also get a little extra cash for gas money for a trip I'm taking this weekend. My question is will I be drug tested? and if I am is it urine or blood? and do they even care if I'm positive for weed?
    The last time I smoked was a couple of days ago, and before that it was about a week. I'm a pretty frequent user, but other than that I'm healthy as a horse. There's nothing wrong with my plasma so why wouldn't they take it?
    I'm really curious about this and any and all feedback are greatly appreciated.
  2. digdoug

    digdoug Guest

    They don't test for weed. Only for harder stuff like crack,cocaine, pills,etc. If you've done anything besides weed and won't be clean,don't do it. They'll put your name on a national list of ppl that can't EVER donate anywhere. Trust me-i donated for 8 years,made about 10grand in all and now I can't donate cuz I tested positive for hydrocodone during one of my yearly check-ups. Oh yeah,and if you do it for a while,be sure to swap donating arms,I used my right for the majority of my donor time and they always hit me in the same spot,so now I have a not-so-sweet "track-mark" on my arm and it looks terrible. My old schedule:
    Wake up,eat breakfast, go to plasma lab,buy a dub,toke up,take a nap. Oh yeah-livin it up.
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  3. whatsideofthebox

    whatsideofthebox New Member

    wow, thanks so much, you're really informative. I've never done any harder drugs, so I should be okay. So this is the norm for all plasma centers? cause they don't look like they're all part of the same organization.
  4. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    how much do you get for plasma?
  5. digdoug

    digdoug Guest

    Yeah-i've donated with four total different companies and they were all the same. They ony test for drugs that can be harmful by being transfered through the plasma, and pot's just not that way. Hell,it's relatively harmless. I wish I could still donate,but I got banned after not waiting long enough after taking some lortabs for a toothache.
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  6. wooitsmolly

    wooitsmolly New Member

    I can get $200-300 a month donating here, depending on the month.

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