Can I get clean in 2 weeks?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by mt308, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. mt308

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    I'm new here, but have read most of the stickies and done some searching and still have a some questions.

    I've got a pre-employment screen in a little over 2 weeks, and have just quit smoking in the couple days. Ususually smoke every day, but typically only a few hits. I'm 5'10" 170#. I've read some posts that it's taking some users 8+ weeks to get clean. But in the dilution article, it talks about stopping atleast 2-3 days prior with more being better.

    So at this point, what do you guys think i should do? Excercise hard and drink tons of water for a week? I definitely plan on buying home test strips and prob a dilution test. I know some here has had to have been in this situation, so any advice? thanks a lot.

  2. Secs

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    Matt, someone with the exact same situation as you may have completely different results. No two bodies are the same when it comes to metabolism and sloughing THC metabolites from the body.

    You need to stop smoking now and take a home test about 3 days prior to your test. If you pass that test with your first morning pee, then you can pass with normal hydration later in the day. If you don't pass your home test 3 days prior with morning pee, then read up on the dilution or substitution stickies.

    Any speculation on whether you will be clean by test time or not is just a craps shoot. It would be no more than a guess - (meaningless).
  3. snake4812

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    dilution works very well-- just make sure your creatine level is high enough by taking the supplement starting about a week before. i also suggest the gatorade w/ salt instead of water

  4. fender4life

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    Is the salt for affecting the specific gravity of what's in your stomach and other guts?

    The only reason I ask is because I know that using specified amounts of salt is what I do to get the best (and most active) lava lamps when I make them. If the lava (wax and perc-or brakecleaner) doesn't float enough, you add a little bit of salt... if it floats too much, you add more water.

    When done correctly, you achieve a specific gravity that allows for maximum activity in the lamp (also looks cooler). A small drop of dish soap breaks the surface tension so the wax breaks apart and floats.... I'm not suggesting eating a drop of soap by any means... but I just wonder if there's any relation. Water is water... whether in a lamp or in your body.
  5. fender4life

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    to the thread owner...

    2 weeks for me is no problem... in fact, I just recently did it in 4 days.... but I wouldn't recommend waiting that long (dumb).

    I find that regular exercise, coupled with a decent or better metabolism, and waiting till the night before and day of to start binging water. You have to be careful when binging water though.... I did it on an empty stomach the day of and my test wasn't until 3 pm.... I also took a multivitamin and I'll tell you, It aint the most comfortable I've ever been.

    My pecker looked water logged all day too (even after the test was over). Kinda like it had been sittin in a bathtub for a week and didn't want to talk. I was surprised to see that my fingers weren't pruning up ;)

    Purging your system with a gallon or more on an empty stomach flushes your electolytes as well (not good). So gatorade can be a wise substitute. Constant flushing due to nervousness and stress can lead to temporary immune deficiency and would likely set the stage for you to get sick. Remember that the air and everything around it is filled with germs and once your guard is down, you're certainly more prone to illness.

    These threads are full of wisdom, and sec3 also makes a valid point that everyone is different.

    "It's not the million times that you've done it before that's important, it's the one time you think you ARE clean and you're not that's gonna burn ya"

    So relax, you've got 2 weeks.... get some exercise in that makes you sweat pretty good, and replace whatever water you are sweating in the event of staying healthy. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain and makes you feel good about yourself (psych 101), if you're feeling good and clean... and healthy for two weeks prior to the test, and you binge up on water or gatorade and take your multi Vitamin (containing some form of vitamin b to get your piss back to yellow) then you should be fine.

    Take a home test prior to the real test, set your mind at ease.

    My biggest problem is that every time I am successful, I push it a little closer to test time... I take it for granted that I'll do fine... it's this mentality that will no doubt get me burned eventually... so I give myself plenty of time (like a month) or I abstain entirely (which I'm doing now).

    You have to weigh your own pros and cons. Is the stress worth it?

    Getting high is great, I love it..... but wouldn't it be a bitch if you developed an ulcer from stress because of it?

    Excessive stress contributes to the reduction of protective enzymes in the digestive system, which then exposes the lining of organs such as the stomach to the harmful chemicals (hydrochloric acid) and bacteria that are constantly present in everyone's digestive system. If you are constantly under stress, your chances of developing an ulcer increase exponentially (psych 101).

    I know from experience that there is nothing more stressfull than an upcoming pisser; marijauna is not linked to any significant health problems or diseases... unfortunately stress is arguably one of the largest contributors to a shitty immune system and contracting illness.

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