Can I get suggestions for a good vape (details in post)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by pbcmbeez2, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. pbcmbeez2

    pbcmbeez2 New Member

    I'm looking for a vape that automatically regulates temperature (unlike the MFLB (which I have)). I've been looking at Da Buddha and V-Tower.

    The max I'm willing to pay is $250.
    I'd like it to plug in to a wall
    Good for passing around with 5-7 people

    Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Waldy

    Waldy Sr. Member

    The Da Buddha was my first vape. It's also by far my favorite vape out of all the vapes I've used. The bowl will last a long time and it's perfect for passing around. Da Buddha is ~$180. If you're willing to go up to 250$ and want top of the line, you could go for a Silver Surfer Vaporizer it's around $220. Da Buddha and the SSV are from the same company, but the SSV is a better model and apparently worth the extra money. Me personally, I loved my Da Buddha.
  3. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Da Buddha (DBV) is the best bargain, IMO, for a big hitting whip vape. The V-Tower doesn't measure up, hit wise, unless you load the elbow screen instead of the bowl, and that gets messy.

    Better is arguable. It is for me, but it does depend on your priorities. The SSV, with standard connection (if I wanted hands free I'd get the DBV), provides hits that are a little richer (more vapor per hit) than with the DBV, due to the small opening in the heater cover. You get a narrower stream of hot air hitting the bowl contents, thus the denser hits. The downside to that is that the SSV wand requires a little movement/rotation during your hits, in order to spread the air stream around the bowl- also you'll need to stir the bowl between hits a time or three, depending on how much you have loaded. OTOH DBV hits are a little smoother and more predictable.

    I like both models, but found it easier to use the SSV, since I kept worrying about accidentally pulling the wand out of the DBV between hits. You can customize either model, but moreso with the SSV, with more housing colors and base options. The DBV is more bang for the buck, if $ is an issue.
  4. greenmarleymon

    greenmarleymon New Member

    i like the extreme q. i've used some different ones that are made for the home and that's the best one i've used for under $200. i got mine for pretty cheap but i didn't get it from an authorized dealer so i don't know if i'll be warrantied but i haven't had any problems yet so who knows. thing rocks.

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