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  1. I have been drug free for 5months and took a pre employment drug test a week ago. They took a hair sample and I know that those can go back very far. Im over weight and want to know if I have a good chance at passing the test. I haven't heard from the employer or the lab that took my hair sample. Can anyone give any advise. I am really freaking and stressed out
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    It would be very unusual to fail a hair test after 5 months even considering variant growth rates and collection procedures. As opposed to the averaged 90 day period the time interval could be 60-120 days for the 1.5" sample tested. So considering the slowest growth rate and 1/4" collection variance you would still be in clear at 150 days. How much did you smoke prior to stopping?​
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    Hi Dr. Bill,
    I am such a stupid person. I saw your reply to the young man who you replied to and you seem knowledgeable on this subject. I quit smoking pot April 2011. Last Friday (today is Wed Sep 5 days ago) I went out with some friends and while I was drunk took 2 hits of weed. They were not smoking, I was not at a concert. I took the two hots and moved along outside. Now of course good ol' Murphy's Law, I get a second interview (I didn't think I would get a second interview) for Friday and if I get hired they will do a hair test say the following week. 1. am I doomed to fail it? 2. does anything make it come out?
    I do not think I could even take it if there's a remote possibility. My friend is a manager there who worked hard to get me to this point. How ashamed and embarrassed I would be. One fact, this week..since Friday, I have lost 3lbs because of dieting (I have lost a total of 20 in 60 days) metabolism is really working (maybe a good sign?)

    Thanks for your advice, if you see this and can reply.
    I'm desperate for some accurate info and really do need this job (that I have wanted for about a year)...


    Be well,

  4. I was a very heavy user. I smoked everyday 4-5 blunts a day or more. I've been smoking mj for 17yrs before stopping in April. I took the test last week and still havent heard anything.
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    Hair drug testing (HDT) will not detect single, low, infrequent use. Exactly why the cannabinoids fail to incorporate into hair in the same manner or to the extent of base drugs is debatable but the result is not and validated. THC and particularly THCA and HDT are a weak pairing but very profitable for the commercial labs.

    The nature of the cannabinoids is that being in presence of the side-stream smoke creates a greater danger than inhaling small amounts. So make certain that you use a double wash on your hair, being alkaline (baking soda and hot water) and then acidic (vinegar and hot water) in that order. Probably unnecessary but the wash techniques used by labs are variable and it doesn't hurt to presume their incompetence.
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    Oh thank you for your reply. I will never be in this situation again...what I have learned from it regardless. Can I assume I am ok for a pee test as well based on what I told you? What about saliva? Gee..they test a lot in my area. :) You're the best Dr. Bill
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    You are clear for urine (a trailing indicator) and certainly for saliva (parallel). Good luck to you. May your children laugh at this discussion just as my children scoff at the alcohol temperance period. You'll be fine and hopefully successful in your new position.
  8. Okay here is an update. I get home from work and check my vmail and I have a meesage from the clinic asking me to call them in regards to my screening. Now I have to freak out the rest of the weekend because there not open for me to call them back until Mon. They told me no news was good news so do I assume since they have called me that its bad news? Please help. Im freakingandstressed out really bad now.
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    Who called from the lab? Did they identify as MRO (a doctor)?
  10. They didnt say they were the MRO. They just said to call the doctor about my screening
  11. UPDATE!!!!! African American female 5'4 200+lbs. Heavy smoker for 17yrs. Stopped smoking for 157days. Took hair test and FAILED!!!!!!!. The only thing I did was use the shampoo Follie Kleen. Hope this helps someone.

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