Can I reheat synthetic urine if test is not when I'm thinking it is?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by smokinopalina, Oct 12, 2005.

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    Hi! I have an interview tomorrow with a temp agency, and I have no idea if they are going to test me or not and I want to be ready. I bought some QuickFix (the one that comes already mixed in the bottle), and what I'm wondering is if I can practice heating and reheating this bottle today, and have it still be good tomorrow. Does heating it more than once compromise the sample? Normally, I would have my doubts about getting tested at a temp agency, but my brother informed me that when he went for his interview at another temp agency, out of nowhere they just told him to get up and piss for them right there(they didnt watch, however). They took the sample, dipped a stick in it right in front of him, and that was that. Quick and surprising. He doesnt smoke so he passed, and I'm concerned this will happen to me. Also, if they dont do it tomorrow, but schedule one for another day I want to know if I can reheat this bottle to use it then. I could always order another one, but funds are a little tight and would rather not.

    PS For what its worth, if anyone is thinking of moving to Southern Oregon, I would suggest not for many reasons, but mainly because they are FANATICAL about testing here. I just came from Cali where I've never been tested for anything, anywhere and have always had great jobs with high pay and no testing. Just an FYI for anyone who might need it. I actually worked for a well-known lab there with no pre-employment or anything at all.

    I would really appreciate anyones input! Thanks!
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    You can reheat it.
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    Grillmeats is right

    GM is correct. The QF can be heated multiple times without harming the effectiveness of the product.
    Keep those practice drills going.

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