Can weed complicate Lasik?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by al anon, May 12, 2004.

  1. al anon

    al anon New Member

    I'm a regular smoker and planning on having lasik eye surgery next week. Could there be complications from this?
    Am I just paranoid? What do you think?
  2. beats

    beats New Member

    Hmm, well, try not to smoke that day, it does change the pressure of the eyes, which could probaly pose a problem (I'm no expert).

    But just don't smoke that day, or for a few days before, if you're paranoid.
  3. melanotaenia

    melanotaenia Seasoned Activist

    I agree. The smoking will affect the muscles in your eyes, hence the heavy eyelid effect after smoking, and this could probably compliacte things. IBID on not smoking for a few days, you don't have to stop for weeks, just long enough for the muscles in your eyes to revert back to their normal functioning i.e. when you are not smoking MJ.

    Better safe than sorry you know? I heard that costs a lot of money to have done, so it probably is a good idea to avoid the MJ for the few days prior and after the surgery.

    Though I am also not an expert in this, I do know that your eye muscles are affected by smoking. Cheers.
  4. abort416

    abort416 New Member

    hey im a pothead and i just had lasik this past wednesday
    i smoked all day tuesday before i had the surgery
    didnt smoke the day of and havent touched anything until today, monday 5 days after the surgery (i had wavefront btw)
    i wouldnt recommend it even 5 days afterwards, i smoked two sessions today one was a 2gram session (2 doobs an L shape and a one pape) first of all seings as i hadnt touched anything since wednesday i got ripped (which was great!) the only problem was i felt like my eyes were goin to explode literally it was just too much pressure in my eyes (also i was paranoid due to the weed which probably didnt help any) but my friends said my eyes looked totally normal so i dont think it affected anything this is also when i went and found this site and more specifically this thread when i did a google search for the words -- marijuana lasik affect --
    the second time i smoked a dime one pape with a friend of mine maybe 3 hrs later and this time i didnt feel so much pressure as the eyelash stuck in the eye feeling that you cant do anything about b/c in the week that you are post op you definitely do NOT want to be rubbing your eyes, you can move the flap that they creat in your cornea before it heals and that will be very not good obviously
    all in all from my experiences today i will tell you that it just isnt worth it to blaze so quickly after lasik wavefront -- maybe it was my paranoia acting up and maybe it wasnt but either way i think ill wait another couple of days before i blaze again....give my eyes some more rest time
    i have a followup appointment booked with my dr on wednesday and if he notices anything unexpected or unusual in my eyes i will let you know but right now they feel like they have since the surgery (and its only been 3 hrs since i last blazed that one pape) a lil bit itchy but beyond that normal
    ill keep all ya'll updated but if there is any md's who want to put in their two cents itd be much appreciated so any doctors that know of complications that marijuana weed pot might cause after wavefront lasik surgery please let us know -- i tried to use a variety of words up there so maybe google would be more likely to pick up this discussion and we might get more peoples experiences and/or a doctors medical opinion
    bottom line again for me it wasnt worth it to smoke those doobs im goin to wait a couple more days
  5. abort416

    abort416 New Member

    ok to update -- i smoked a nice L shape last nite at about 4am which is almost a full week after the time of my surgery (last week on wednesday afternoon smoked the doob this week on wednesday early early morning) i felt a lil bit like there was something stuck in my right eye but it was behind the eyelid (and probably all in my head) and once my friend told me to realise as much it did wonders for me and i had no other problems
    so i dont know if that first time mentioned above was too quick afterwards or too much weed after going so long without but in any case it seems to have resolved itself and i am goin to continue updating after todays experiences and then when i go for an eye checkup tomorrow
  6. abort416

    abort416 New Member

    went to the dr yesterday for my one week checkup the verdict is my eyes are doing fine and the marijuana has not affected their healing
    the doctor confirmed that it DOES change the pressure in the eyes but this many days (approx one week) after the surgery it doesnt matter
  7. HardyLee

    HardyLee New Member

    Had Lasik today while ripped

    At about 7:00 AM I took a couple bong hits, a little stressed out with my upcoming Lasik procedure at 10:30. I am a daily smoker and did not think twice about smoking. Around 8:30 I became a little concerned and did a google search on Lasik and marijuana and found these posts. It is only 3:00 the same day but everything seems fine. I had a -8.0 in both eyes so I was near blind and can now see great. Obviously, since it had only been 4+ hrs, I still have some hazyness but initially it is much better than I was expecting. What was mentioned in earlier posts about weed increasing pressure in eye seems to me that would be more of a concern after surgery, while the eye is healing. I plan on abstaining for 5-6 days while the eyes heal. Thanks for this info as I would not have thought twice about smoking afterwards.

  8. HardyLee

    HardyLee New Member

    the day after

    Incredible -- all haziness is gone and I see great. I do not even have the dry eye problem that I have heard of from so many others. I have been using my Rx drops as directed but have not needed to eye lubricating drops at all. Still not smoking.
  9. abort416

    abort416 New Member

    Well i went for my one month post-op checkup today
    been smoking regularly since i last posted (a week after the surgery) i generally have been smoking 5 + one paper doobs every day (on average, conservatively) and the doctor said my eyes are 20/20 and everything looks great (inside my eyes and on the surface)
    still havent really rubbed my eyes though, dont think i am allowed to do that until the 3 months after the surgery
    get back to ya all then unless i have more info to give at an earlier date (doubtful)
    one thing though, i noticed that there was marked itchiness in my eyes when i missed a day of my allergy (hayfever) meds i usually take claritin so may i suggest if you do have bad allergies maybe you should wait to have this surgery in the winter when your allergies are not affecting you as much ...... could be just my imagination too or just me so this isnt a medical opinion in any way and doesnt come from any medical source
  10. f8_smyled

    f8_smyled New Member

    Be smart and play safe

    Not one person on here answered the question, so I did some research...

    You know how cottonmouth and dry eye affect you when you smoke weed? This happens as a result of vaso-dilation, or expanding blood vessels. Vaso-dilation happens automatically when THC is introduced to the body.

    After Lasik surgery, your doctor will tell you to use lubricating drops in your eyes about every hour to keep them moist. You have to do this because during the Lasik surgery, the nerve that initiates natural eye wetness is sometimes severed. This nerve will grow back over time, but until it does, you must manually moisten your eyes.

    Now put these two together--your eyes are dry from Lasik surgery, and your eyes become dry automatically when you smoke pot. If your eyes stay dry for too long, you will scratch your cornea just by blinking. A scratched cornea invites infection, and infections can cause blindness.


    If you feel well enough to smoke on the second day, all you need to do is use your lubricating drops more often. I had Lasik surgery, went for my post-op visit and was in perfect condition. I found that using the lubricating drops every 15 to 30 minutes kept my eyes moist and comfortable. I relaxed and took a few bong hits over the weekend following my surgery. Had no problems.

    Of course this doesn't mean that will be the case for everybody, because we're all different and react in different ways. But after researching the issue, I found that the only problem with smoking pot after Lasik surgery was making sure my eyes were moist.
  11. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Excellent work on this thread folks --

    First hand knowledge and some great research by all of you!

    ...mmm...maybe it's time for me to look into lasik ?


    Mama Budz
  12. MedievalMan

    MedievalMan New Member

    Lazik laser eye surgery and weed

    My girlfriend is thinking about getting laser eye surgery since she is a good candidate for it.

    We enjoy smoking pot recreationally every other day or so.

    I wonder if there would be any problem smoking pot after getting the laser eye surgery? I can't think of any problems, but can't find any information on it. Besides maybe not wanting to get a lot of smoke in your eyes (any kind of smoke.)


    Matt Lawson
  13. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    She should take a few days off before and after the surgery.
  14. Boggieman123

    Boggieman123 New Member

    Smoking weed after Lasik Surgery

    I just had Lasik on Thursday and am feeling great. I haven't smoked (weed)since the beginning of last week and have had about 3 cigarettes since Friday. Do you think I've waited long enough to smoke weed again? My biggest concern is that it enlarges your pupils but I think they've healed quite a bit? Do you think it's safe?
  15. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    The eye heals fast, you should be ok. But I'm not a doctor..... ;) I would personaly give it a few days. After I had the surgery I didn't smoke for two weeks....but I did not have the option to at the time :)
  16. hauptmann

    hauptmann Seasoned Activist

    Threads Merged :)
  17. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    heh, I did a search and could not find the other lasik thread.........
  18. jtrich37

    jtrich37 New Member

    Marijuana and LASIK

    Thanks for the posts, everyone. I am a daily smoker and am having LASIK done tomorrow (specifcally the IntraLase procedure). I'll wait a week until after the surgery to smoke again and will let you know how it turns out. The way I see it, I'd rather give up a week of smoking than to risk any complications. After all, they are your eyes, right? Keep you posted...
  19. FitnessToker

    FitnessToker New Member

    that helps!

    that's great news! thanks!
  20. dmb40

    dmb40 New Member

    hello all,
    having lasik done is what brought me to this board for my first post. I had the procedure done on 4/18/07. I was wondering (since its been nearly two years since the last post) if anyone can share there experiences with Lasik and smoking soon afterwards.... Thanks!

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