Can you eat raw hash?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by rastafari_420, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. rastafari_420

    rastafari_420 New Member

    Everything on google is a few years old, outdated info.

    Simple question, if I took a gram of bubble hash and just ate it would it get me high? I've heard eating it and drinking a tall class of milk, because of its fat, will do what fat does with thc blah blah and get you pretty stoned.

    I've never tried it tho, planning on it this weekend but I dont want to waste good hash for nothing :D
  2. Zeroxtreem

    Zeroxtreem News *****

    I was actually talking to Vicki about this earlier, and I believe Thrice Twice and I have had a couple conversations on it, and the short answer is:

    No you can't just eat it.

    However you can put it in a recipe in this thread:

    I did. And it was gooooooood.
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  3. hector

    hector Sr. Member

    i have seen people orally taking hash for medical purposes(Austism).but i think eatting it would be no where near as efficient as smoking. you need to heat it to release the Psychoactive THC
  4. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Oh yes, you can definitely eat it.
    Back in the 60's, when I was into ingesting, we used to get a lot of incredible hash. We would experiment with different amounts, roll it into a ball , and down the hatch.
    I found ultimately that it was not my thing except for rare occasions. It took the equivalent of +- 5 or 6 J's to get off and then it was one heck of a ride. Very hallucinogenic and many hours long. Hard to find the correct dosage as well.

    Ever after I've preferred to smoke it. The taste is out of this world and dropping your nose in the smoke stream is one of life's most beautiful moments...
  5. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    That would be a lot of hash, wow! :eek:
  6. dreamer

    dreamer Inclined to Isolate

    yea you can eat hash, and even weed staright up without cooking it.
    ive done both. Sterbo is right though, hash is a beautiful things when smoked :)
    also eating straight up buds is kind of gross.... haha, young and stupid.....
  7. metanoia

    metanoia Smoke. Weed.

    You can actually, you just need to eat a lot of raw marijuana. Kind of like carbohydrates, if you eat a little and exercise, you'll burn it all, but thc burns much faster without needing energy to burn it, it's fat soluble, but if you want to eat weed, bake it, much cheaper and easier on your stomach
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  8. JPtheMT

    JPtheMT New Member

    I used to get some top of the line hash from out of this country and would just eat about 2 grams in the morning and be higher than fuck all day long, that good hash isn't available to me anymore :[ Sure miss it though..used to eat it before taking some windowpane or 4 way too, good times.
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  9. TokeArtist

    TokeArtist New Member

    Before taking what???
  10. cj117

    cj117 Surfer Monkey

  11. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    I think it might depend on whether its live hash or dead hash. I have seen a few of my friends parents gnawing on a big lump of hash, I would generally make it into a yoghurt.
  12. buddlydoright

    buddlydoright New Member

    I've had a piece of a hash brownie before. Granted it was cook but it tasted like pure hash. Like all I ate was just hash(I only have a bite). I was kinda high within like 20 minutes but nothing crazy intense.
  13. AstroCoaster

    AstroCoaster Sr. Member

    Yes ... you can eat raw hash. You can also chew weed with olive oil, but I don't recomend it. It goes down pretty nasty and its a waste of good weed.
  14. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Go for it

    Yes you can eat hash and get very stoned, for a very long time. Eat it on an empty stomach and then smoke another gram 2 hrs after you ate the first gram. Next thing you know it will be 421.
  15. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    I've always heard you need a heatsource to activate the THC, maybe you can eat it, but im pretty sure its way better if you smoke it.
  16. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Reference Post 4 :)
    Gotta tell ya that some of my best tripping was those times I ate 3 to 4 grams of Napalese hash :yikes:...
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  17. joshpackr

    joshpackr Sr. Member

    I've never just eaten raw hash so I don't really know how high it will get you. However, I ate some of a hash brownie a couple of years ago and it was an unpleasant ride. I've never ingested hash since.

    Damn that was a rough ride.
  18. JPtheMT

    JPtheMT New Member

    LSD. They went so well together :]
  19. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Windowpane :D
    Back on the beaches and in the canyons we youngin's used to find great sanctuary. Mostly smoking some pretty darn good Mexican home grown, making love and peace and occasionally finding our measure peaking thru the windowpane...

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