can you get addicted to pot?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by highasjimi, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. highasjimi

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    When i first got into pot, i knew there was a possibility that i could get addicted to it. But then my friend told me its impossible to get addicted to it. I've been doing weed for only half a year now but i know i'm not addicted to it because i take breaks from it. Like, i'll do it a few times over a weekend, but then i won't do it again for another few weeks, and i don't crave for it. I've seen people get highly addicted to pot though... they want to quit but they can't let go. So is it possible to get addicted to pot? If so, why do people say you can't?
  2. VaporizorMariJ

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    Its not physically addicting to your body, but it can be mentally.... Anything can be addicting... from watching TV to playing Video games... to Picking your nose.

    Your not going to have withdrawl's the same way you will when quitting cig's.... Its all in your head man.
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  3. highasjimi

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    ahhhh i see, thanks.
  4. VaporizorMariJ

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    Happy toking, just keep it in moderation to what ur life can handle :)
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  5. Andrew87

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    Marijuana is not physically addictive (like opiates, alcohol, or nicotine), but it does have the potential to become habit-forming or psychologically "addictive." I use quotations because I somewhat disagree with describing a non-physically based habit as an 'addiction,' and find it slightly insulting to people with "real" addictions.

    Oh, they could. It's more likely that they just have poor self-discipline and/or little to no coping techniques. I'm willing to bet that none of them have actually given it (quitting) an honest effort.
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  6. Buzzby

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    I've seen people get "highly addicted" to cheeseburgers and become obese. They want to quit, but they can't let go. Marijuana is "addictive" in the same way. With a small exertion of willpower and a couple of days of minor discomfort (for heavy users), quitting marijuana is no big deal.

    Many of the people on these forums, people who smoke or vape every day, take periodic "tolerance breaks" to reduce the amount of weed they need to get high or to improve the quality of their high.

    It's possible to get habituated to pot. People who claim that they're addicted and can't quit are just making excuses for their own lack of effort to quit.
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  7. Van Ocken

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    I started smoking when I was 17. I am now 40. I have stopped smoking for years at a time. When I smoke, I smoke hard. I have been known to smoke over 1/4 to 1/2 oz a day for months at a time after a harvest. When I stop smoking, I get antsy for a few days and then I get over it. The reason for stopping is that I run out and am not willing to buy the brown Mexican crap that they call pot here in Missouri. I was raised in Northern California and I am accustomed to a better grade of pot.
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  8. TheStonerGeek

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    heh... We don't have tolerance breaks where I live. We call them 'I'm broke and already scraped all the resin from my pipes' breaks :p

    In all seriousness though, as has been stated, addiction isn't an issue with pot at all. This was a major factor to me a few years ago when I finally let go of my ignorance of the facts regarding marijuana. I haven't looked back :)


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