Can you get diseases by passing joints/blunts/bowls?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by InfectedWithMJ, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. SleepyJohn

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    Well, All The Medical Doctors I've asked said,"Yes,Of Course...", My Current 2 Medical Doctors, told Me,"Don't share a Pipe, or one of tham Vapor things, and especially a soggy Joint." Stands to reason, Germs Kill". We have more germs in our mouth,Saliva,and, "other' juices then dogs". We all know how to "cuff a number, or whipe a nozzle', Everybody in the Band, dosen't get a Cold, but, We all PLAY, The same Music. Immunity Is REAL. Not to be played around with. (Vape=Saf[er])[Gamblin'}
  2. diab1o_3000

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    Any thing you could catch by kissing someone, (herpes, mono, flu, many odd and lesser-known ailments, etc.) can be caught by sharing a blunt, joint, bowl, piece, whatever. I won't tell you what to do, but just know that this is a fact. Smoke won't kill anything, and neither will the heat from a roach.
  3. diab1o_3000

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    It is very possible to pass HSV with IMMEDIATE contact with an inanimate object. The reason it doesn't happen much is because the virus usually has a few minutes in which to die before the toilet, towel, or lipstick gets used again. But passing a J with a 5 second window is the same as a peck on the lips. Or touching someone's lips with your finger and then putting it on yours. Or do you believe that won't spread herpes either? :rolleyes:

    Also, genital warts is NOT caused by the HERPES SIMPLEX virus 1 OR 2. HSV 2 is the usual cause of genital herpes and HSV 1 is the usual cause or orofacial herpes infection. But in rare cases, type 1 can appear genitally, and type 2 can become an orofacial infection. Genital warts is caused by some of the substrains of HPV (Human Papillomavirus).

    Do your research or don't post as if you are an authority. Please don't spread misinformation. ESPECIALLY when someone's health may be on the line.

    Edit: And to equilibrium, yes it is possible to be contagious without having visible sores, but it isn't very likely that you would infect others without a visible sore. That does NOT mean it's not possible.
  4. LottaBass

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    YESSS you can.
    As i've said in a previous thread, i personally got glandular from a guy i was ripping bongs with.

    So a huge huge yes.
  5. Plainsman1963

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    Well in any communal smoking situation where you are sharing saliva residue or possibly small amounts of blood from microfractures of inner lip capillaries or slightly bleeding gum-lines there is the possiblity of contracting a disease. But it may not necessarily be a true 'disease' per se, but more than likely an immune-reaction to the antigens from the other person's body--this will result in localized swelling, irritation, or chancres. I've been in communal smoking situations whre the smokers use a plastic cigar/black n mild piece over the joint or just spray Germinex on the mouthpiece of the water pipe. In this day and age of highly communicable social diseases--it pays to be utilize as much Preventative measures as possible.

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