Can you really get much of a contact high?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by MrEddy, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. MrEddy

    MrEddy Coitus Reconciler

    Ok so I have a 1000 SqFt condo.. If I dont open the doors and windows there is basically hardly any circulation of the air inside of it. Unless the heat is on, which it never is this time of year. How high would one get if at all just being in my condo while I was smoking? I'm not talking like smoking a lb of weed or anything. just a couple of small bowls of it....
    There are individuals who are still in the military and whatnot and of course the military frown upon this activity. So can you really get high being in the same room? I'm assuming that if you can get high this way that your going to fail a test as well.
  2. CodiGanja

    CodiGanja New Member

    They wouldn't get high at all. To my knowledge, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the smoke you exhale contains no THC or cannaboids(sp) so there is no way that anyone not smoking would get high. If anything they would just lightly smell of weed.
  3. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    Yeah, no chance. Contact high usually refers to feeling high while around others who are high without actually ingesting material. Someone could get a contact high, but not from inhaling that smoke, even if they hovered right next to you.
  4. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Yeah, the myth of a contact high usually comes from the placebo effect many people get when around others who are under the influenece. Ever notice otherwse uptight people get all giggly and whatnot when the stoners in the room are acting the same way? Its not because they are "high" so to speak, but the vibbes kind of "rub off" on them.
  5. iamskfan

    iamskfan [URL=""]Medical Marijuana E

    probation officer believed it

    I took a friend of mine to her probation officer. I used to do this once a month for a year for her. She was on probation for a drug charge, and she was a smoker. Every month she would get ready to take a test, and then not have to take one. Well, one month, he decided to test her and she popped. To my amazement, she cried to him, and told him that she was at her sisters house at a party, and her sister blew it in her face, and there were a bunch of others smoking, although she wasn't (this is what she is telling him, I was right there) AND HE BELIEVED IT!!!! Told her to stay away from her sister and let her go home. Well, I don't know if he believed it or not, but he told her he did and let her leave so....go from there :D lol I personally,don't suggest it to anyone. We are in
  6. Itzamna

    Itzamna New Member

    As far as contact highs go, if its like a joint or a blunt; yes you can get a contact high, more so in small confined spaces, aka hot boxing, clam baking etc.
  7. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    That is so true. I could never get a contact high now. Maybe when I first started smoking, but I don't even remember it happening then.
  8. erik000

    erik000 New Member

    I smoke with my friend's mom quite often, but my friend doesn't actually smoke. She says everytime her mom is stoned, she gets a 'contact' high. We don't even smoke in the same room as her. I think they have some kind of stoner ESP or something. I actually kinda believe it, she's an only child and they have an awesome relationship. Completely honest and frank. This girl was raised in a stoner household so it must rub off on her somehow. She's smoked like 3 times in her whole life, but she really doesn't need to. She's a trip without taking anything :crazy:
  9. You gotta love those kind of people don't you. No matter who their with they have to fit in so when their around stonners they act high and when their around a different kind of people they act another way. Fake SOB's!!! I hope they rot.
  10. tEh_rEn

    tEh_rEn New Member

    I could be wrong about this also but from what I have read up on is your lunges absorb about 95% of the THC in the first second of a hit. So you are correct about about the exhaled air not having any left over.
  11. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    The closest thing to a contact high for me is when you are taking your first hit, and you're definitely not high yet, but you act it.

    When you inhale smoke, you absrob about 98% of the THC. If there is a HUGE amount of smoke, maybe you'll fell something, but you're only going to get 2% of it...
  12. Ir0n_mE

    Ir0n_mE New Member

    I got a little high once before I actually smoked, we were driving to a party and friends were toking in the back seat next to me, it was a small truck and they were smoking from a pipe so there was definately smoke in the air to be inhaled.
  13. Blazin'Daily

    Blazin'Daily New Member

    Anybody ever considered the smoke coming off the end of a joint? must still have all the THC in it
  14. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    So if you absorb 98% of the THC in the first three seconds then wouldnt that mean that hotboxing is pointless because the smoke would only have like a 2% THC level?
  15. Blazin'Daily

    Blazin'Daily New Member

    Good point
  16. island

    island New Member

    Yup. You can get get a contact buzz for sure. Saying you can't is bullshit. If your in a tight spot and someone has some killer weed, the smoke off the joint/blunt/bowl will go into the air and if you inhale it, you'll get a contact buzz.

    It's hardly a "placebo" effect when I've seen kids with red eyes and acting very goofy after riding with us while we we're blazing some killer weed. They didn't take anyhits and got stoned.
  17. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Red eyes and people acting goofy doesn't mean anything. Irritation from smoke can easily cause red eyes, especially in a confined area. Acting goofy comes naturally when around other (stoned) people who are acting goofy. I've been in cars where people where smoking joints and blunts, and never have gotten a contact high. It just doesn't happen.
  18. PaleRider

    PaleRider New Member

    Back to the original poster you shouldn't have to worry unless they are hovering around as you smoke joints/blunts(so they would be getting the smoke off of the end). With the size of your place you should be OK. There are definatly contact highs, mostly for people who have yet to smoke or haven't in a while(as in nonsmokers). Not from the exhaled smoke but from any rolling of a bowl/joint/blunt.
  19. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    So is there no point in hotboxing somthing because the smoke that was circulating (besides what came directly off the bowl/joint)would have little or no THC?
  20. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Exactly....any "added effect" comes from oxygen deprivation, and not from getting any "higher" breathing in stale smoke that contains very little, if any thc

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