Can you tell if your weed is laced?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Zebra, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Zebra

    Zebra New Member

    I'm a newb smoker and was wondering if there is anyway to tell if your weed is laced like if there's rat poison in it or any other shit in it.
  2. Blake420

    Blake420 Active Member

    Once i saw little orange balls in it. i took that shit back. lol but i guess if it smells odd. not strong. just odd. lol.
  3. sale88

    sale88 New Member

    I'm a newb smoker too, but i'm guessing if it smells like chemicals.
  4. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    weed is usually never laced. it would be a complete loss for the person selling it.
    but, i would assume if it looked/smelled different. i really don't know becauce i haven't really seen laced pot.
  5. Monster

    Monster New Member

    Yeah what emuhhlee said. It would be a loss for the dealer. Time and money. Also it would smell or look different.
  6. Jodawg27

    Jodawg27 New Member

    Laced Pot

    It's true, the only time you really need to worry about laced weed is if you're smoking it with your friends. I dunno, some people are messed up and wanna see others have a shitty time on a bad trip. Just watch out for what your friends give you to smoke if you haven't smoked with them very often.
  7. FullTimeSmoker

    FullTimeSmoker New Member

    the idea of weed being laced with anything was started by the government back in the day. its just another bogus statement made by ppl in power to cause fear in the minds of those who listen. dont be another sheep to scared to leave the mainstream cuz u herd there might b a big bad wolf in the trees.
  8. ganja-man

    ganja-man Groovy

    When in doubt, throw it out.

    There's no reason to risk ingesting harmful chemicals, unless you're an expert you cant be sure if the smell is from fertilizer during the growing or if it's something potentially more dangerous.
  9. ashlee lynn x0

    ashlee lynn x0 Sr. Member

    Usually, any weed that you get isn't going to be laced. That's pretty rare to come by. But if you're not sure, either take it back to your dealer or throw it out. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Monster

    Monster New Member

    Also, just make friends with a certain dealer so that you can chill and smoke a bowl before you leave. Then you have no worries at all. And yeah the chances are very unlikely so don't sweat.
  11. Zebra

    Zebra New Member

    Thanks for the responses, so far my dealer is trusted and I've never had laced weed but I'm starting to smoke with one of my friends who smoked way before me and there are rumors his dealer laces it and I don't really want to share with him if he's the one sharing to me.
  12. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    It's probably laced with "paranoia". If Ya sit down and toke one with him, it's a done deal. Why would anybody want to hurt their business? If somebody is in to cruelty, or compromise, You could tell by their demeanor. Relax, it's Just THC residue, in Your brain.
  13. Zebra

    Zebra New Member

    I thought they added rat poison and other chemicals to make you get a better high. I want a good high but I want it to be safe and healthy.
  14. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    the only laced weed i've seen, is by someone (not the dealer), personally smoking it. some of my friends used to laced their shiz with off topics.
  15. ganja-man

    ganja-man Groovy

    Who the hell told you rat poison would get you high or make your high better?
  16. Zebra

    Zebra New Member

    My friend who's against weed says "oh it's bad for you" and all that shit, and I told him the facts and everything and then he's like "oh people still lace it and rat poison is common to lace it with". I've heard of lacing I just didn't know what the people put in it.
  17. ganja-man

    ganja-man Groovy

    People who sell weed want to make money, so killing off their customers with rat poison probably isn't a good idea. The only times I've heard of weed being laced it was with another drug and because the person buying it wanted it that way.
  18. Zebra

    Zebra New Member

    Oh cool, so I don't really have to worry about laced weed that much. The thing is that my friend who has the dealer that supposedly sells laced weed sold it to them one time and their friend started tripping out really badly on low dose, either it was laced or it was some strong weed.
  19. p0th3d

    p0th3d Sr. Member

    yeah i agree...laced weed is very rare..the only way i would trust someone who i thought was lacing weed would be for him to smoke a bowl out of the same stuff am dealer would smoke their own laced weed. that's just stupid lmao..and i think the whole 'laced weed' thing just came from paranoid people or people who don't smoke to scare others not to smoke....i wouldn't worry bout it too much.
  20. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Sr. Member

    if u think its laced...its just REALLY good pot

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