Canna Pizza

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    Yes i've tried it and its one of my favorite. Maybe because im a picky eater or maybe it actually worked! Try it if you have space time!

    The High for Pizza goes great with the ganja garlic bread! Hang out, have a pizza, and a slice!
    Dough Base: 13oz/400g/3 1/2 cups all – purpose flour, plus extra for dredging
    1oz/28g yeast
    1 tbsp granulated sugar
    1 cup warm water
    1tsp salt
    2 tbsp melted cannabis ghee* (see weights and measurements)
    1 Large Onion
    1 Red Bell Pepper
    4 – 5 tbsp melted cannabis ghee* (see weights and measurements) 6
    oz/175g mushrooms,
    sliced 1 -2 cans chopped tomatoes
    1 – 2 tsp fresh or dried oregano
    12 pitted olives
    chopped 2 cups grated cheese
    (1) Sift the flour, yeast, and sugar into a large mixing bowl to make the base. (
    2) Add the water and knead to make the dough, put a damp cloth over the bowl and left in a warm place so it can rise for 30 minutes.
    (3) Add the salt and melted ghee and knead again, roll into a ball , dredge with flour and put it to the side.
    (4) For the toppings: saute the onion and red bell peppers in the ghee for a few minutes. Then add the mushrooms.
    (5) Simmer the tomatoes and oregano until cooked through and reduced down.
    (6) Roll out the dough into two circles and spread the topping over each one equally.
    (7) Chopped olives and grated cheese can be broiled or baked in the over for 10 – 15 minutes at 400 F. They can then be sprinkled over the pizza.
    You can use some quality dried bud instead of using oregano in the topping. Definitely adds a big zing.

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    Thats awesome!

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