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  1. GoState37

    GoState37 Guest

    I found this recipe a while ago and I am just going to try it this weekend. First you take some weed and grind it up in a coffee grinder or blender until its like flour. Then you mix the weed with some kind of cooking oil it should be in a 20% oil to powder. Then you nuke the mixture in the microwave. After this you put the mixture in the freezer for a while until its cold, but still squishy. You then take some capsules and fill them with the substance. Keep them refridgerated until use. 1 for good time 2 for really good time! If you try this use the poll and rate it!
  2. What does "20% oil to powder" mean?

    20% oil/80% powder? 80% oil/20% powder? The latter would be a more appropriate ratio if you were baking but you're not.

  3. GoState37

    GoState37 Guest


    80% powder and 20% oil
  4. Slightly Stoopid

    Slightly Stoopid Senior Member

    Good Idea!

    what a good idea you got there, kinda like a THC pill!. So it dosn't matter that it is cold when you eat it? Or does it just need to bea heated once?

    Also, i would like to try this, but where would you get the capsules? Would you just take a capsule filled with say cold medicine and empty it out?? Or can you actually buy them?
  5. GoState37

    GoState37 Guest

    You can buy them at like a rite aid or somethign ask for gelatin capsules. It only has to be heated once then you keep them in the freezer so they're fresh and when u want one you just swallow it.
  6. lizwink

    lizwink New Member


    any decent health food store also has geletin capsules
    in bulk for those into holistics meds.

    sounds like a very good idea and one to try when going places me can'ts smoke :)
  7. CocoaDrinker

    CocoaDrinker Guest

    When you microwave the weed, does it stink up the kitchen at all?

  8. CocoaDrinker

    CocoaDrinker Guest

    Oh...and this question. Nuke for how long? a minute?....

  9. Mozart

    Mozart Guest

    sounds cool! How long in the microwave....good question.
  10. Mozart

    Mozart Guest

    Would you have to refrigerate the capsules? What about just putting them in a dark vitamin type container stored away with the rest of your vitamins in the cupboard? I wonder how long they would last? By the way would anyone recommend mixing some butter into the recipe? Go State, we would like to hear from you again and find out what you thought.
  11. lizwink

    lizwink New Member

    still need to know how much time.

    i am NOT worried about stinking up the kitchen but do
    need to know how long one would put the weed in the
    microwave before making capsule.

    let's say i was nuking a 1/4 ounce ??
  12. CocoaDrinker

    CocoaDrinker Guest

    Listen, I know that this isnt a thread per se, but this seems to me the only way to get a response, cause posting was getting no replies.

    When a recipe says nuke, how long does that mean? I am mainly referring here to the "awsome recipe" that gostate posted, he hasnt replied yet. But if anyone has tried that, or is familiar with "nuking" please tell me how long that is, ballpark guess is fine with me.

  13. Lex420

    Lex420 Guest

    How long....

    OK, as for the actual time you would cook the pot in the micro, I'm not sure. However, I do know that marijuana has to reach a temperature of 180 degrees F in order for the THC to be released. Therefor, putting it in the oven on a baking rack at 180 would be fine. Just wait until the oven light goes off (indicating that the oven is at 180 degrees) and voila. As for pot in the micro, I would say that you need to make it resin-like. Make it black and gooey. Try 3 minutes with 1/8th and see how that does.
  14. MidniteToker

    MidniteToker Guest

    Had anyone tried this yet???

    I'm dying to find out how well it works... come on all you people with your own houses and lots of money, lets see some results!! :)
  15. Krayzie Bone

    Krayzie Bone Banned

    Ok I have a few other questions.If i have a regular bag you know the regular size not an ounce will that be enough to make it to the pill?And how long do i have to put it in the microwave?and the main question will there be marijuana smell coming out of the microwave or will it be smell free?

    I hope it's smell free but please let me know
  16. Just experiment a little!
  17. madToker69

    madToker69 Guest

    UHHH experiment???

    well im all for experimentation, but not when it costs over 5 dollars. this sounds like a great idea but I am hoping to hear from the dude that first posted with some results first
  18. Spankys420

    Spankys420 Guest

    what kind of cooking oil do you use? ive tried the capsuls, but i just packed bud in pills without grinding, etc etc. it sucked, it only made me tired and you need like 10 pills to get messed up. i took like 5 and i got a light buzz.
  19. PsYcHoLoGiCaL

    PsYcHoLoGiCaL Seasoned Activist

    when i make weed tea i microwave it for 3 1/2 min if that helps... and that is always enough for that.

  20. Spankys420

    Spankys420 Guest

    again i ask, what kind of cooking oil or liquid do i use?

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