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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by BayAreaMML, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. BayAreaMML

    BayAreaMML New Member

    Sorry if there is already a thread for this; search won't allow me to search the word job. I am a medical cannabis patient in the bay area. I was wondering how the heck do you get a job as a budtender or something that has to do with a cannabis club. It seems like the best job ever.
  2. Mr Charles Fiji

    Mr Charles Fiji New Member

    Heh, that's a good question.

    Although I'm not sure I'd have the will power for that job.

    I'd be way too tempted to take some of the marijuana. Hell, I'd even secretly pay for it! :D
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  3. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    The best way, hands down, would be to go by each dispensary, ask to speak with the manager, and apply for a job...
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  4. BayAreaMML

    BayAreaMML New Member

    haha. yeah i've seen the "breakroom" in a local club. im pretty sure i saw a worker gutting a swisher so that she could "test" the new strains. But i guess i could ask them next time. I always see new people working there, and especially with california's economy, marijuana doesn't seem to be a dwindling business by any means.
  5. Hashishi

    Hashishi Unf*ckwit'able

    I'm just picturing walking into an MMJ dispensary all suited and booted with a résumé folder under one arm and my hair slicked. And just what would you have written in your application letter? :D
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  6. otown

    otown New Member

    lol. yeah im going to school for chemical engineering and botony, i like the subject, but my dream job would be to make new strains for a dispensary, thatd be so awesome
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  7. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    In My Mind, I think all "Medical Marijuana Dispensaries", should have a Guitarist or two(2), to make the crinkling of little baggies,and, cash register clatter seem more "Healthy". Since I thought of it, I should get 1st Auditioning time. Paid for, in advance,of course!
  8. intangible child

    intangible child New Member

    Oaksterdam University - Quality Training for the Cannabis Industry
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  9. robino

    robino New Member

    I asked the budtender at a club by my house once, he said you have to volunteer first and then if they like you enough they'll hire you. I don't know if he was just talking about that dispensary but hell, I wouldn't mind even just volunteering, I'm sure even volunteers get to "test" the product and get plenty of other benefits.
  10. MetallicaFan495

    MetallicaFan495 New Member

    Hell yeah

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