Cannabis Edibles from Colorado Dispensaries. Prices and other info?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Dankitydankness, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Dankitydankness

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    So today in class I met this guy who has a connect to get edibles from dispensaries in Colorado. It happened because he pulled out and edible in class to eat a piece. I sit next to him and could smell it as soon as he took it out. So I asked him what he had and he said it was an edible. And then he offered me a piece. I gladly took it and asked him if he has a good connect for it and if I would be able to go to him for some. He said yes and I got his number and we talked a bit more and then class ended and I went home. And as of right now I am about an hour into eating this piece of edible. It has me a small heady type buzz (he said it was sativa) but nothing much at all.

    So I'm wondering about this and thought I'd come here with some questions. He said each edible is $25. It sounded pretty expensive to me but I wasn't surprised considering this would probably pass through many hands before it got to me. But does that sound overpriced? Im not sure exactly what this edible was but Ill ask him next class. But I think it was some kind of tootsie roll type thing cuz it was chewy tasted alot like tootsie rolls. It was about size of one of those little butterfinger bars and was in an orange wrapper. The piece I had was probably about the size of the top of a pinky. (you know how theres 2 places in your pinky where you can bend so theres like 3 sections to it. It was the size of the top 3rd where the finger nail would be. if you get what im saying)

    So that being said, my piece was probably about 1/4 to 1/5 of the whole bar. I think he said the whole bar had like 70 mg of thc or something. Im not exactly very knowledged about edibles and their mg dosage so I dont really know what that means. Do any of you? Does that sounds like alot? And for $25 am I getting ripped off? Off that little piece I had, I have to say that Im not really feeling much at all. Just a small little feeling of uplifting. Did I eat enough to feel anything though? What do you guys think about this? Any Advice?
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    I sincerely hope by class, you don't mean high school...
    Cheeba Chews run $8.

    You should get your own Medical Marijuana card. Somebody selling their Medical Marijuana into the black market is a felony.
  3. Dankitydankness

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    No i dont mean high school. I dont know why you would care though. But anyways I googled cheeba chews. Im pretty sure thats what I had. So for $25 it sounds like Im getting ripped off if they run for $8. They must not be the most potent edible.

    actually now Im reading that they run for 20-25 in colorado so i must not be getting ripped off. but are they worth it considering a piece about 1/4 or 1/5 of the bar barely got me high. i mean really it didnt really do anything
  4. claygooding

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    If someone wants to try edibles as cheaply as possible,,get some good marijuana(appx 1 gram) and make a "firecracker".

    Recipes available in the cooking forum and it takes appx 2 minutes to fix in a microwave. Be sure not to cook longer than 8>10 seconds and do it three times instead of a long 30 second blast.
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    for alot of people that dont know u can actually get very sick from edibles if you eat too much its a different high then when u smoke it and its 3 times more potent when u eat it and it takes longer for it to kick in like 30 to 40 mnts sume times so just be careful i make my own got sick 2 or 3 times from eds.:afro:

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