Cannabis, migraines, pneumonia and estrogen

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Larkins, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Larkins

    Larkins New Member

    i'll try to keep this brief ...

    started smoking because of migraines, but i've always had lung problems. most recently, this is the second year in a row i've had to deal with pneumonia (last year i was hospitalized for a week).

    i don't smoke much -- only what is effective ( usually ;-) ) and only when i start getting a migraine.

    it's seriously a miracle drug though. i'd tired everything from maxalt to imatrex and even topomax (an anticonvulsant) among other things. combining daily topomax with maxalt when i'd start to get a migraine would work but i'd still be out of my mind for 2 days and the topomax side effects were not worth it (one is that you can't find the words you need to say something, and i work as a writer ... so you can see how that'd be a problem).

    cannabis, on the other hand, will completely eliminate a migraine in less than 5 minutes with very few side effects, allowing me to actually get work done and go about my day normally. it's a god send.

    anyway, there are issues.

    i built a double bubbler bong with an ice chamber and a filter in the down stem out of gatoraid bottles, plastic tubes, and a rather nice wooden pipe. i keep things clean and don't heat things that will hurt me (no aluminum foil or anything). it's a bitch to use, but i'd hope that there was enough filtering going on to keep my lungs safe.

    but it seems that smoking is really starting to affect my lungs in a bad way. this is the first time i've had pneumonia two years in a row, and i can't think it's just coincidence.

    i started looking into vaporizing a few weeks ago, and i'm abstaining until i can get my hands on a vape ... but i hear they still don't filter everything that not lung friendly out. to this end i'm hoping to add a water bong to the end of a whip vape ... but do you guys think that'll do it? will i need to go further to filter things? does anyone else have lung issues and still smoke/vape or am i totally screwed?

    before anyone mentions it, eating the weed actually doesn't have the same effect on my migraines so it isn't really an option. actually, i'm a little worried that vaping won't have the same effect as smoking either ... but i've gotta try it.

    anyway, there's another issue.

    while i don't live in a medical marijuana state, my doc is working closely with me to try and help me do things to prevent migraines (which has definitely helped reduce the number i get, but hasn't solved the problem). she knows that i smoke to treat the migraines, but is worried about other aspects of things.

    my doc says that cannabis usage can unbalance your hormones -- we did some tests and my testosterone (and something else i can't remember) is too low and my estrogen (and related hormones) are too high. (i'm a dude, so that's not really good).

    she says that this could contribute to my lack of energy and some other health issues. i'm just wondering if any of you guys have had to deal with hormone issues because of cannabis use, and if so, what's a good way to do that?

  2. nornerator

    nornerator New Member

    I hadn't really seen any research suggesting cannabis "unbalances" your hormones.

    Do you consume soy products?

    Soy contains many "phytoestrogens" which your body recognizes as estrogen, and that is likely to throw your hormones out of whack.

    Also lack of energy is typically due to too much sugar and or refined carbohydrates.

    Try eating a large carrot before a meal high in carbs, the fiber will slow down absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.
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  3. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    What did you hear? AFAIK, all you get from a vape is water vapor and vaporized cannabis resin.

    I think it would cool the vapor a little and lose some resin to the water. Since vapor isn't very hot to begin with, it seems unnecessary and, perhaps, counterproductive. If you want the gentlest vaping experience, get a bag-type vape. The vapor is thin and cool. You have to breath more of it than what you'd get out of a whip-type vape, but it's almost like breathing air.

    The "feminizing" effect of marijuana is an old and long-debunked myth, stemming from some shoddy research in the 70s.
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  4. adam914

    adam914 New Member

    I actually heard that smoking pot increases risk of pneumonia, but i think it's more of the smoking and not necessarily the pot that causes that. I think you definitely need a vaporizer. BTW, smoking pot hasn't been proven in causing lung cancer, although it does cause damage. It's a little iffy, but basically it damages a different part of your lungs than other smoking. I'm sure buzzby, as i see his posts all over the place, would be more than happy to clarify this, and or correct it. Aside from increase in risk of pneumonia (which i doubt is super significant), I see no reason why you would notice an effect on your lungs in any other way. I know I don't.
  5. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    One of those things that make me a little leery about Soy. I consume less Soy stuff than any other vegetarian I know. Now I drink Hemp Milk! :)
  6. stonedK1982

    stonedK1982 New Member

    Maybe you just have low testosterone. Some males do. The whole thing that marijuana increases estrogen and decreases test is just a myth. By the way have you ever taken anabolic steroids or prohormones? Usage of those can cause your estrogen to sky rocket when you end your cycle. There are many things that can cause your imbalances in hormones levels though so I would take a look at other things you are using or doing in your life. But like I said before you may just be a guy with low test levels. It's not that uncommon. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help. Hope things go well for you.
  7. Larkins

    Larkins New Member

    Thanks for the info guys.

    I'll start talking to my doc about other reasons that my hormones could be the way they are.

    the only soy i eat is soy sauce on sushi -- and i'm not rich so i don't each much sushi.

    unless there are soy additives i get in other products ...

    in looking at even vaporizer manufacturer claims, i see them say that between 80 and 95 percent of tar and carcinogens are filtered ... wikipedia talks about the fact that while there is a hugely increased THC to tar/carcinogen ratio, that there are still damaging things in vapor. i don't have time to look it up again right now, but i could have read it wrong ... i'll do a little more research there as well.

    thanks a bunch guys!

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