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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by TylerDurden, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. teco

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    Marijuana + rubbing alcohol = pain relief

    I recently went on a trip to El Salvador and I noticed that alot of people use a marijuana remedy to cure body pains.They let marijuana soak in rubbing alcohol for a few day so it turns a dark green color, then they rub it where ever they feel pain.

    Has anyone ever heard of this and does it actually work in relieving pain?
  2. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    It's a tincture *shrug* No different than letting cannabis sit in some alcohol for a couple months and using it to cure skin ailments.
  3. greypoe

    greypoe Sr. Member

    oil may work just as well. I wonder how the alcohol affects the chemistry of marijuana.
  4. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    It doesn't, it extracts the essential elements out. Oil works fine too, but medicine has always used alcohol extracts for a lot of things, even vanilla is mixed with alcohol (vanilla extract verse pure vanilla sticks, no different than cannabis extract verse actual bud) to relase the attributes.
  5. elitefreke

    elitefreke New Member

    Medicinal Marijuana for chronic back pain?

    Greetings. My father and I both have chronic back injuries resulting in the prescribing of several different medications including narcotic pain relievers, muscle relaxers, etc. I am wondering if anyone knows of doctors prescribing marijuana for medicinal purposes for chronic pain. I am NOT a user of pot currently, but I am unsure if my father uses or not. I know he has used it in the past and it helped him cope with his pain much better than any prescribed drug out there!

    If anyone knows of any information on the states where it is legal to use weed for medicinal purposes, as well as the regulations to those rules, please let me know. Any help would be appreciated! :)

    I do not see how marijuana can be considered an illegal substance while alcohol and tobacco continue to be legal! I currently smoke cigarettes, and am aware of the consequences that go along with this. It is a choice I make, just like millions of Americans do with tobacco and alcohol. Why, if these legal substances can cause so many health risks (ie: liver, lung, throat, mouth, and heart damage), can marijuana be counted as different? I say make it a regulated substance like everything, and create rules to govern the use of it similar to those already in existance for tobacco and alcohol! Just my outlook on things, for what it is worth.
  6. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    NORML should help with the laws and states that allow medicinal cannabis, and there's a link in my signature as well. As far as the last part, it's a mix of racism, politics, and big business...nothing to do with our health, they could give a rat's ass about that.
  7. NeoArcadian

    NeoArcadian New Member

    I currently have degenerative jaw syndrome and to say the least it hurts like hell.

    DJS is pretty uncommon but I just had to get it, you know, not following the norm. It is where because of the way you chew and talk, which is basically normal only your jaw is oof center, your jaw's cartalidge is destroyed. It causes great pain because your jaw bones are literatly rubbing against each other.

    I get what I refer to as "locks." It is where for some reason I can't move my jaw at all. When I apply enough pressure the jaw bones eventually make a very loud cracking sound and then I get a very powerful and large amount of pain.

    It hurts to chew, it hurts to talk, it even hurts to simply sit and not move it but at least it hurts the least then. Now it has gotten to the point where I can't sleep because of the pain.

    So now, every night about two-three hours before I go to bed I toke up. It takes the pain away and takes my mind off of it. Because pain relievers have almost no effects on me, because I for some reason am immune to almost all of them, have to smoke pot.

    It is either I smoke pot or I don't sleep. Sometimes, when the pain is really bad, I toke up before I eat so that the chewing doesn't hurt as bad. It really does help and I have yet to find much else that can help me. I have taken Hydrocodone, tylonol, asprin, IBprofen, and a little bit more.

    I used to have a crushed disk in my spine and was on a very powerful pain pill that is known for it's risk of addiction. I just wish I had pot during that, I couldn't even sit down because the pain was mind numbing. Either way, it is healed now and now I have to dal with the DJS, which the doctor said will behealed by the time I am 18, and now I smoke pot.

    Now I am happy and, at night (the most important time), I am pain free. Thank god. I also owe my recent weight loss to marijuana.

    Since I have started smoking marijuana I have lost almost twenty-five pounds. Yeah, I eat more while I'm high but while I'm not I am almost discusted by food. I wasn't fat, much less obese, but now I am fit. I have plenty of musle but I had just a bit of chub to me. Now I am fit and slim.

    Gotta love good old Mary Jane. :cool:

    CHRISSURF New Member

    Mj Pain Killer

    There Are Many Good Points Noted. I Will Relate My Use For Pain.
    In The Last 24 Months I Have Had 15 Operations (major) Due To
    Lyme Disease. I Have Used Mj For Pain As I Cannot Tolerate
    Narc. And Barb. (98% Of Pain Killers). It Has Worked Wonders For
    Me. Not Only Has It Been Helpful For Pain, But For Nausea From
    Other Drugs I Have Had To Take, Excellent For Sleep, Especially
    Under Adverse Conditions, It Has Allowed Me To Maintain Normal
    Eating Habits (prior; Had Lost 40 Lbs In 10 Days). With Mj And
    Anti-inflamatories (non-ster.) I Am Able To Surf Everyday.
    It Should Be Noted: I Have Used Mj Since Vietnam (40 Yrs), My Lungs,
    Heart And Resp. Are In Perfect Condition.

    I Am Not Sure Who Noted, But I Agree That Mj Makes You Forget
    About The Pain. Whatever Works.
  9. lkbkr102

    lkbkr102 New Member

    So Many Questions...

    Hi. I have been reading all of these postings, and I was wondering if anyone could help me. My husband has some problems and we were wondering if any of you have used marijuana for any of these reasons, and if it helped. He suffers from OCD, panic attacks, insomnia, chronic pain and a torn meniscus. I don't know if these reasons would qualify him for medicinal marijuana. We're just looking for some answers. He's on so many medications, and they don't even seem to be helping. I find plenty of websites that argue either for or against the use of marijuana, but I can't find many that discuss the benefits or positive side to it. If anyone can help, please do.
  10. dravensghost

    dravensghost New Member

    pain management

    he everyone
    im looking into MJ for long term pain management (for life)
    i would like to hear from everyone pro/cons
    for all those with advice let me know
    and feel free to PM if it is personal
    thanks :)
  11. Burninbrooke

    Burninbrooke Sr. Member

    Mary has helped me with everything from headaches to anxiety to female problems. That said I started keeping up with medical mary after a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer as a senior in high school, she was never a smoker before but respected my smoking because her dad was a smoker. The odds they gave her were not good. Her dad started getting her to smoke to make her feel better after chemo and also because she was becoming painfully thin. She survived and is in remission (sp?) now. She no longer smokes because it reminds her of being sick but she still supports legalization. I'm willing to bet money it will help you out. But I'm sure there are others that can offer your more expertise on the subject. Take Care!!
  12. kim93079

    kim93079 New Member

    As an RN I would tell you that chronic pain is often disabling and there are so many side effects to pharmacological management and they create a physical dependence.

    I think that every patient has a right to effective pain management and I have yet to see anything that works as well as Marijuana with few undesirable side effects.
  13. quartz

    quartz New Member

    Marijuana eases the pain of skeletal and muscular problems. I have had thousands of dollars worth in diagnostic work done looking for the source of a back/shoulder/neck problem. The best that the doctors can do is prescribe Loretab, Viox(now suspected to cause serious heart problems), muscle relaxers and similar. I have found marijuana superior to all the pills the doctors have to offer. I think it has a lot to do with improved blood flow, but it’s hard to beat the overall relaxed state marijuana puts one in. Obviously, one should not use marijuana during mentally demanding periods of time. Fortunately for me the main periods of severe pain is in the evening. I do believe there is quite a bit of residual pain relief carried over into the rest of the day after the mental high is gone. Even at its (government caused) artificially high price marijuana is still cheap safe medicine.
  14. quartz

    quartz New Member

    "This will keep me covered from pain for five hours now,"

    The woman known as Britain's "cannabis gran" explains why she eats marijuana five times a day - and why she'll keep on doing it despite the threat of a jail term.
  15. SonicDaChronic

    SonicDaChronic New Member

    i get chronic migranes (no pun intended) and weed helps relieve the tension on my head. the ponding still hurts me head but its lesss intense.
  16. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Here's my input...

    I hate narcotic pain killers -- never had to take them before my car acident in November... Finally gave into going to a "pain doctor" a few weeks ago and I can honestly tell you that I am now in more "particularized' pain than I was before.

    My mid and lower back muscles are sore most of the time and the only effect I have is a need for more sleep and less motivation to get out of bed when I take even the minimum prescribed dosages.

    My knees are still in pain.

    One benefit has been that my neck muscles have relaxed a bit

    Does the MJ help? yes on my back pain...

    Not as much on my knees but makes me more motivated (happier) which gets me to get out of bed and move around, walk the Poochie (or more like allows him to drag me up and down the block a few times a day so my muscles aren't completely atrophied) -- but my neck still gets cramped.

    I think I would need 3X what I have available in MJ to make a real difference....and DAMMIT...I would like the legal opportunity to try that treatment.

    Oh yeah...the narcotic medication is having a rotten effect on my preexisiting bipolar -- and the suggested corticosteroid treatment is out of the question as it will send me over the top mania wise and I would probably need to be hospitalized to keep from committing some heinous act on an unsuspecting theatrical producer or director who (really dear) might just deserve it...
  17. aposiopesis

    aposiopesis New Member

    Hi Draven's Ghost,
    Marijuana is an effective analgesic for me. Other effects can vary, what one person tells you may not neccesarily be applicable to you. Side effects for me include reduced capacity to transfer short term memory into the longterm, much amusement, outstanding lateral leaps of mind, good appetite, beautiful meanderings of creativity, audio/visual hallucinations (you won't get these, they're a special deal for a select few), the analgesic effect is heightened by marijuana's propensity to make me sit back and observe a situation without imposing the usual personal involvement factor, often marijuana provides the most comfortable and happy sense of wellbeing. For some conditions eg. glaucoma, the effect is therapuetic as well as analgesic. There are "marijuana care groups", groups people who use marijuana medically, who might be of assistance, maybe there is one in your area? It is important to find out the legal status of marijuana in your region, the worst side effect is it's illegality.

    Good to see you back on board. Sounds like narcotics and you don't play well together, they get very nasty with long term use, it's a blessing you don't like them. Did you try ketoprofen? It's available as a topical cream, and is similar to ibuprofen, (orally administered these drugs damage the stomach lining, so can only be administered in doses too small to be really effective). The topical form of ketoprofen (and ibuprofen) can be administered in more effective doses, and does penetrate deeply. As far as I know, the only side effect is photosensitivity, check it though, I'm not sure. It may not entirely put a lid on the pain but I think it could give you enough breathing space to cut the narcotic dose down to a more tolerable level.

    Can you ask a loved one to bake you a tray of superstrong cookies and have five, see how that goes for an hour or two then have another two?

    Have at least 7 cookies.
    And lots of get well hugz.
  18. island

    island New Member

    Using weed to relieve your pain

    (my testimonial)
    About 2 weeks ago I just got done smoking a nice spicey joint around 6pm and I came out to get somthing to eat, I didnt see my cat and I tripped over it and landed on a broken drinking glass (why was this here? Not sure), I fell hands first and cut my self deeply, severing 2 tendions.
    Well I called 911 cause I was home alone and bleeding bad, went to the local hospital and I was laid down for SIX shots in my cut and sewing up till I could goto a bigger hospital for surgery.
    (the point)

    My point now is while laying on that bed I felt extremely good and calm, I'm getting thru this with minimal worry or pain, and I believe Marijuana is why. Any simmiliar home made healing with Marijuana?
  19. HappyMan

    HappyMan Subscriber

    I suffer from a moderate level of chronic pain. While I do not use weed to relieve it, I have noticed that when I do smoke the pain is numbed alll most better than anything...
  20. eddiebarnette

    eddiebarnette New Member

    [ :cool: Hello I'm new but I want to mention that I started using again after a 20 year break in service. I was been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2001... I take the usual tylenol arthritis strength and two antidepressents to handle the pain as my doctor will not prescribe anything stonger. I've returned to smoking about 2 years ago... It does help the muscle pain and increases my pain threshold.I can then do more and enjoy myself at the same time.There are days when I notice that I'm not able to attack a physical project until I have smoked.I would be interested in hearing from others with fibro. eddiebarnette

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