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  1. mikeMarek

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    I have a recipe for cannabutter and I want to run it over you guys to make sure I'm not going to fuck up and waste my weed :D

    The recipe calls for 3g per stick of butter (1/2 cup). You melt the butter in a double broiler and add your weed, and let it simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    I would be cooking with the butter straight away, but what if I wanted to store it? Stick it in a tupperware container and right into the freezer?

    How does this sound to you guys?
  2. mikeMarek

    mikeMarek New Member

    Sory for re-bumping this, but I was going to start a new thread but remembered I made this one.

    I just need to know how long to cook my cannabutter for; I have a recipe that says simmer in a double broiler for about 10 minutes, but some recipes say up to 6 hours. Which one would be better?
    I really don't have 6 hours to kill making cannabutter >.<
  3. SenorSmokesALot

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    The longer you cook it, the more thc is released, the more potent the butter. Ten minutes is a little short. You should cook it for at least 30 and more is always better. Good luck. Cheers
  4. Ell

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    some prefer a crockpot. You can set it on low and leave it until you get home. Like grandpa told me about bbq go low and slow. Then when you're done doing whatever it is you do for the day the butter is ready to go into your recipes. Remember to eat on a light/empty stomache for best absorption. I don't think there's a problem with storing it that way, I freeze my real butter and use it when I bake or make special meals, like for holidays and such, and it turns out fine, just keep it out of the light as I've heard extracted THC isn't so stable.

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