CannaSense, An Unbelievable New Collective

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by Thomas Lau, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Thomas Lau

    Thomas Lau New Member

    CannaSense is a new collective that delivers medical marijuana to its patients and members in all 50 states. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. I was sceptical at first so I figured I would give it a try because I have suffered from back pain for quite sometime now.
    Initially, I scheduled my Dr apt which was very easy to do & only cost $70.00. I then became a member for a fee of $420.00 which is a bit steeper in price, but allows me the benefits of a 30% discount on medicine and products and the ability to help educate & enroll others.
    That $420 fee also included $300 worth of medicine and products that I was able to choose from their online apothecary. Four days later my package showed up at my doorstep with quality, legal medicine.
    This service is great, & I absolutely believe in its dedication and service to their clients!

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