Can't get a good dealer.

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  1. bucs420

    bucs420 New Member

    So before I start I'd like to let you all know that I am going into 8th grade next year and I have just started smoking weed. The first time I smoked was at a bonfire with my friend who said he would get me high, so we smoked andthe next day he left and he gave me a tiny bit for my own use, now I smoked all of that and I want more but I've had people tell me that he said Im up his ass all te time and I bug him which he said he didn't say and it's not true because in not, so I wanna ask to smoke again but I don't wanna bug him, i only know of one other person that I could get it from but he lives kinda far and were really not friends and I have no contact until school starts. What should I do!? I need weed!
  2. chabbachabba

    chabbachabba New Member

    First off, I'd recommend you get an herbal vaporizer. It'll be worth it in the long run so long as you keep good care of it. Do some searching online and find one that works well for you. I have a Vapir NO2 vaporizer and it's wonderful. It produces no smoke and only a very light, smell that's very easily taken care of with an open window or a candle for a few minutes.

    Anyway, I always recommend buying only organic herbs direct from the grower. Your situation is tricky only because of your age. If you have any older siblings/cousins who look like they might smoke mj, just try innocently asking about it, saying you heard about it at school or something. That may lead you to a solid connection. Another option is to straight up have it mailed to you. You just need to mail them some cash and find somebody who's reliable. And make sure the herb is well concealed/protected if you do this.

    Hopefully something works out for you, because summertime is the prime time for any student to start using marijuana. I started smoking at the beginning of last school year (12th grade) after abstaining for years and it was always a hassle to find a way to toke without getting caught or without having to worry about getting homework done or getting to class. Relax and enjoy your summer, and if you can't find a good source, just chill man. It's better to have no herbs at all than to be smoking mersh or anything laced! So in any case, stay safe and be careful. You still have your summer and youth to enjoy, with or without mary.

    one love!
  3. SourDieselMan

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    I would just hit up the friend who gave you some in the first place, I am sure if you are willing to pay he shouldn't mind, I mean he's making money so why not, can't hurt to try.
  4. bucs420

    bucs420 New Member

    I asked my older sister who smokes and let's just say it didn't work out so good, so I can't try that again
  5. bucs420

    bucs420 New Member

    The thing is I don't think he really knows his amounts, I would say I would pay half if we're smoking together, but then hell be saying he got a quarter when it's really only a dime and I dont wanna argue over that shit.
  6. McSmoke

    McSmoke New Member

    Ask the freind who his dealer is and jsut buy direct from him, or ask to go with him next time he buys some.
  7. bucs420

    bucs420 New Member

    His older brother gives it to him and his dealer is graduated and I have no way to contact him.
  8. bucs420

    bucs420 New Member

    I think I'll just invite him over and be like " hey can your brother get me a 20 sack" and if he's wierd about it ill find someone else.

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