can't get high?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by hangoverGTL, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. hangoverGTL

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    I've been doing some research on people not feeling the effects of weed and can't seem to get a straight answer if it is possible for people to not get high.
    A friend of mine never seems to get high, she's smoked a few times before and we thought she might be inhaling wrong, so we got really powerful brownies. Me and my other friend were fucked up but this girl only had really red eyes, dry mouth, and was very tired.
    Is it possible she will never feel the effects?

    Thanks! =]
  2. new2twistinup

    new2twistinup One with the Universe.

    she got the red eyes and cottonmouth yet no high? thats strange
  3. Beast'N On'M

    Beast'N On'M Sr. Member

    Hey, how are you? Hope all's good.

    I think she may be that rare individual who doesn't feel the wonderful effects of weed. So here are two suggestions that you could try:

    1. Smoke a blunt with her. I always get super high when I smoke a blunt. I'm assuming you do to; so if she doesn't get high off of a blunt/joint, she can't get high.

    2. Smoke her out of a vaporizer. When I smoked out of a vape, I was very high off of a little bit of weed. So if she doesn't get high off either of the two options, she, unfortunately, cannot get high.

    Good luck to her. I hope she can. Let us know how things go, yeah?
  4. Karigrandi

    Karigrandi Active Member

    How many times has she tried to get high? I'd give it a good 10 tries before jumping to conclusions. I've definitely heard someone saying they didn't get high until 8th time.
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  5. cccch

    cccch New Member

    Some people dont know what to expect so they say they "dont feel it." I suggest smoking a blunt like he said just you two and then going into public or a funny movie or something. If you go into public you will be able to notice how she reacts to certain situations that would be a red flag if she was high.
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  6. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    When I started smoking with my friends when I was young, I was the one that just couldn't get high but I kept on smoking till one day I smoked so much I couldn't bring myself to take another hit yet I was slightly high. After that, my highs got stronger over time. Of course back then, the weed that was available wasn't that good. I know a guy that says when he smokes, he gets so tired he falls asleep.
  7. claygooding

    claygooding DrugWarVeteran

    I didn't feel much the first two times I smoked,,both while under mortar attack so fear may have had something to do with it.

    Third time was a charm,,on a machine gun bunker,,howling at the moon.

    Now I only smoke when I am by myself or with someone.
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  8. alefinwade

    alefinwade New Member

    cant get high

    This whole "birther" bullshit isnt as funny as it was the first dozen times... can you conservatives please talk about "death panels" again? Thats always good for a chuckle.
  9. JasonHowe

    JasonHowe New Member

    She seemed high to me based on what you said, red eyes cottonmouth, "really tired". She probably just expected the high to be different so she didn't think she was high. I remember when I first started I would be getting high but I didn't know it at the time because I didn't know thats what it felt like.
  10. .

    It is probably not possible without tolerance . While some people will be effected differently (how outgoing someone is,etc greatly determines how soon others will perceive them as "fucked up"), they will likely get some sort of high. Is it possible that you smoked weed earlier and then had the brownies , while she just ate the brownies?

    The high manifests itself differently in different people. Introverts tend to get a "ill just sit down and stare in space and talk to nobody as i enjoy whats going on in my mind" . Extroverts have a higher tendency to be loud and laugh at everything, etc.

    It is also possible that being experienced with cannabis, your mind recognizes the feeling that marijuana is in the system , and makes it seem like its more powerful than it really is (making a subconscious effort to feel the effects more). but thats just my guess.

    The thing is, marijuana contains a drug known as THC that stimulates the brain's CB1 cannabinoid receptor. However, everyone has cannabinoid receptors in the brain that respond to its own endogenous cannabinoid known as anandamide. Anandamide is involved in your brain's natural functions. It also helps you realize you are hungry. Everyone's brain responds to this internal cannabinoid. And in general, everyone's brain will also respond to cannabinoids like THC as well. Thus, THC will have the same biological effect in every person, and thus everyone will be effected to some degree or another.

    Now factors such as weight, tolerance, personality, and natural variation among people will make weed have different strengths of effects in different people. Which is what you observed. However, everyone can get high.

    Its also myth that you cant get the first time you smoke either. The more likely reason is that most people smoke only a tiny amount there first time and/or smoke it the wrong way.

    And about the pipe not getting her high: some people dont realize that they are not inhaling or not inhaling all the way. Others may exhale too soon after taking a hit.

    Personality really can influence the high. People express things differently. Some are more prone to paranoia, some are more prone to frequent laughter, some are prone to sitting there and chilling out not saying a word, others are prone to talk more , etc.
  11. CasSteal

    CasSteal New Member

    U think maybe it's possible she's immune? Lol. Gravity hits will probably do the job!
  12. ImSoLit

    ImSoLit New Member

    if she got red eyes, cotton mouth, and felt tired from brownies this was her first "high". smoke with her again. this is how i was the first time i actually got an effect, but not the first time i inhaled. i had smoked once and inhaled correctly, but got no effect. the next time, i got red eyes, cotton mouth, and a tired. the third time, i had the best high i could ever imagine, i had relatively no anxiety or paranoia, and the entire duration was very enjoyable. i hear of people getting panic attacks their first time getting effects, but i could not see how this happens because my first time i got so sweeped up in how cool and different the effects were that i neglected to notice any side effects. it was so intense and euphoric that i wasnt even able to really comprehend any bad in the world, even if i tried. i was at a party with hard drugs and tattoos, yet i found myself at perfect harmony with the world. ill never stop smoking weed:mj2::D:mj2:
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  13. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    Thats how I feel every time I light up. It just never gets old for me. Since its gotten cold outside ive been sitting outside and toking on a blunt looking at the city and feeling the cold on me. All of that sensation combined with some mellow tunes from some HD headphones is just great.
  14. ImSoLit

    ImSoLit New Member

    Tell me again, why is weed illegal while alcoholics kill themselves and others?:mj2:
  15. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    IDK man, its some crazy shit hahahaha. :angel:
  16. t-1000

    t-1000 Sr. Member

    I think some people are just less "self aware" and therefore don't immediately notice how they're affected. First time I smoked I didn't think I was high but I was acting high as fuk and was definitely high. Second time I smoked I got blazed out of my freaking head and knew it, probably because of prior experience and knowing what to look for.
  17. Csharp

    Csharp Sr. Member

    i didn't know what to expect my first time, didn't even hit me until about 10 minutes a sack of bricks. good bricks..
  18. michelemishellie

    michelemishellie New Member

    I don't know why,,, I think it's a mind thing. I have smoked for many, many years but I do not get high with edibles for some reason. I have tried very strong and different types of edibles some homemade and some bought. I have waited like people say and nothing. I even bought one of those electronic smoking devices with the liquid THC or whatever you want to call it, liquid pot, and it does not work either. Tried it a few times,, nothing. I still have half a bottle left, I figure why waste it. I just think it is a mind thing, like I have to through the rituals of breaking up, rolling, lighting, smoking and seeing smoke. I just don't know?
  19. Izzyrizzy

    Izzyrizzy New Member

    damn thats strange, Ive heard of this happening to people as well.

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