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    I have medium length (shoulder blade) colored hair. First, here's my history.
    I smoked once about 70 days ago, and once about 40 days ago. One other time about 9 months back and completely clean otherwise for about a year and a half.

    From everything I've read hair tests only go back about 90 days, but I'm going to cut a few inches off the bottom to be safe.

    Two main questions
    1) I wouldn't even call myself a light user, what should I do for cleaning and can I pass?

    2) I bought the Nexxus cleaning shampoo and wil use it. How long do you leave it in? ALso, I've been told that vinegar will destroy my hair (literally) if I use it since my hair is colored. How important is the vinegar part?

    lastly, I was thinking of buying some of the online shampoo products, including the afterburner just to be sure. My plan is to use Nexxus daily (or more), the online stuff when I get it and again just before the test. Then the afterburner just before.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Don't waste your money on afterburn. I used it and still failed. I think as light a smoker as you have been you should be fine. It stays in dark hair more and when you get the test make sure they only take 2 inches from your scalp. no more. Good luck
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    Why do you have to take these tests?
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    Passed Hair test

    Ok, I promised myself if I passed my hair test I would pass on how I did it.. So here it goes, I got most of my info from executive mr nimbus.. I was a daily smoker for about 7 years, sucks but I have quit now!!!!!

    a) stop smoking, (i did for 40 days)i assume the longer
    the better.

    b) start using hair "clarifiers" or strippes, the stronger the better, they
    can be bought at beauty supply stores. pre-soak with vinegar each time before stripping.

    d) daily 5-10 min. soaks with apple cider vinegar before 2-3 shampooings.
    started 1 week before testing.

    e) after rinsing vinegar out i quickly followed with 10
    min. vodka soaks, then shampooed

    F) new product- EDTA based aloe gel (This is in Nexus Aloe rid) i would put this on right before bed,
    2-3 weeks before test, found at local super market. use any edta based
    clarifiers, shampoos or gels. check labels, you can not clean and strip
    enough! i sometimes spent 2 hours in the shower. shampoo and soak 2-3 times
    a day every day.

    g) <> new product- AFTERBURNER, i
    bought this, paid around $140.00 inc. freight. once again i can not say if
    this alone worked, but i did pass. this comes with a pre testing soluton
    Pre soak with vinegar is supposed to open the pores on the hair shaft. so
    soak with that prior to any new process. Did this the morning of the test.

    f) new product - hair perm- do it at home or have a salon do it. my g/f is a
    salon owner so i had access to professinal grade clarifiers and perm
    solution. professional stuff supposedly works better. mine was done the day
    before test. note you do not have to curl your hair when getting perm! the
    perm straightens your hair. you must put curlers in to make it curl. just
    use 1st solution then lock it in with 2nd solution.
    in my opinion this is what helped the most in passing test.

    g) day of test- basically used everything one more time excluding clarifiers
    and perm and vodka. soaked with vinegar before and after each step to open
    hair up. then used afterburner 3 part kit. first seams to be a heavy salt
    leaching. soaks for 30 minutes and literally crystalizes up. rinse with
    water and they say to use vinegar between each step. caution it burns a
    wee bit at this point.
    next 2 steps seemed to be a cleanser/shampoo, which are done back to back
    and both must be left on and deeply massaged for 30 mins

    H) Took my test within 1 hour.

    Hope this helps, It worked for me!!!! Thanks "executive mr nimbus"
    Any questions e-mail me @

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