car smells like weed

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  1. Product420

    Product420 New Member

    Quickest and most efficient way to get the smell of weed out of a car?:confused:
  2. Robert Gromble

    Robert Gromble New Member

    It's the fabrics that the smell gets into, febreeze works like a charm.

    Or, get a pot scented air freshener and just bluff it. =D
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  3. Wicked

    Wicked Sr. Member

    Use the Febreeze Automotive, though, since it is built to get into the tougher fabrics in cars. Also, Ozium could be your best friend. Google it.
  4. Ellisisking

    Ellisisking New Member

    Kinda off topic, but make sure it is not in your air conditioner thing. i once droped half blunt in there nd now it smells if i do not use a lot of air fresheners
  5. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    My younger brother uses simple green, it works really good.
  6. Nick360

    Nick360 New Member

    Get some axe or really strong colone leave your window open common sense really.
  7. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    Leaving a window open isn't the smartest thing to do, atleast in the area I live in.
  8. jgizzzle

    jgizzzle New Member

    ive tried everything from Ozium to Febreeze and cologne but i have found the absolute best way to get rid of the smell. There are these little lamp looking things that are for putting on tables or any other desk in rooms in your house that you can buy at walmart. You slide the white plastic part up and theres this giant gel thing with a wicked strong scent. After you burn in your car just open one of those and leave it there for a lil while. The smell will be completely gone. I've hot boxed the hell out of some cars and those scented lamp looking things have worked in as little time as 20 minutes. Definitely worth buying and having on hand.
  9. eaglez771

    eaglez771 New Member

    I wouldnt use axe if I were you cuz i've had a few close calls with axing up my car and my in my parents would drive the car the next morning and they would get sooooo suspicious to why the car wreaked of axe.
  10. homemadebubbler

    homemadebubbler Always bubblin'

    Oziom or simply green. Drive around with your windows open.It'll go away eventually. In the future, if you dont want your car to smell like weed, don't box it/keep your windows open.
  11. bluntwrapsupreme

    bluntwrapsupreme New Member

    after youre done blazing in your car leave both windows cracked. the more air tight the car is the more time the smell has to stick to the fabrics. by airing it out following your session it should eliminate a lot of the smell. use a nice strong car air freshener to cover up the lingering stench.
  12. smith_

    smith_ New Member

    Get yourself an Air Sponge, and a bottle of frebreeze. Always smoke with one of your windows cracked and the air on.
  13. greeen1

    greeen1 New Member

    be careful with the air on, make sure you have it so it pulls the air from outside the car. If you have it pulling air from the inside the smell will get in your ac system or heat and into the filter making it smell even worse when you turn those on. :D in the summer leave windows cracked, weed airs out way faster than cigarettes. you could just smoke cigarettes in your car to that gets rid of the smell

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