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  1. smokeandskate

    smokeandskate New Member

    So what do you guys do for stashing your herbs and pipes in your car. im wanting to make some sorta like secret stash spot like a false floor in the center console compartment. has anyone else done this or something like it or have any good tips
  2. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    All the "stash spots" in the world won't protect you against the ever-increasing risk of being searched by a drug dog. I'm confident in my abilities to fool most human cops, but their K9 counterparts are a much scarier proposition. However, never underestimate the common polioce officer. No, you're not the first one wto have such an idea....cops find "stash spots" custom built into vehicles every day. If anything, they give people a false sense of confidence, and people tend to be amazed when cops find their stash in seconds after beginning a vehicle search. Remember, any idea you've had, chances are someone beat you to it, and the cops already know. Thats why instead of carefully stashing things, I instead concentrate on my driving and make damn sure I don't get pulled over in the first place
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  3. Rev0lver

    Rev0lver New Member

    Very true. But it's unlikely that you will be searched by a K9 unit unless you start acting suspicious. Anything can happen though, so it would probably be in your best interest to play it safe and only drive with it if you have to. DO NOT store it there.
  4. 2slo2run

    2slo2run New Member

    I just make sure to keep it in the trunk. There is a cubby back there, it is not hidden but the important part is it's in the trunk.
    In MN having more than 1.5g in your vehicle if its not in the trunk is a bigger deal. I also know that the trunk it smells less and is definitely not in plain site ( reducing risk of searches anyways). For me it is more important to know the laws and reduce my trouble if I do something to get caught. I have been pulled over 9 times, never had an officer even mention a search and I never felt at risk of being searched.
    Look up your states vehicle/marijuana related laws and then do what you can to transport with minimal risk. Most importantly... Just pay sttention to the road and it really should be an issue.

    (also, every time I know there will be weed in my car I do a complete check of all the lights on the outside of the vehicle and make sure that everything is sreet legal. Takes about 30 seconds and reduces the "I pulled you over for a burnt out taillight but now I smell pot" situation)
  5. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    In Canada *I live in Ontario

    Requires a search warrant to open the trunk.

    (This does not mean they wont if they have probable cause)

    Same goes for a closed bag within the passenger compartment.

    So what I do is put it in a knap sack in my trunk.

    Dont ever smoke in your Car if you are paranoid.

    As Trouble pointed out, when you are paranoid, you cant help to think about your driving, which in turn almost always looks suspicious. (driving at the exact posted speed limit etc- or even bellow)

    I used to store my buds behind the gasoline door. You need to open it via a switch on the inside, which is sometimes hard to locate.

    Again, its the police officers job to be a police officer. You'd wouldnt be giving him enough credit to think he'll go past these things. They know a lot more than you think.

    How many times do you think someone got pulled over, realized they were fucked, consented to a search (or just gave them the pot)? Chances are the cop is going to take note that (for example) A Jetta has a small hole under the Cup Holders.
  6. Budforuandme

    Budforuandme New Member

    I honestly just keep it in the trunk covered with some cloths.
  7. Mushroom Man

    Mushroom Man Feeling eternal..

    Lock it in your glove compartment, from what I understand about my state they can't open it if it's locked without your permission (unless of course you are under arrest).

    attach a small lockbox/box to the bottom of your car, cops wouldn't look there.

    The trunk does work, but some cops do and will search it.
  8. Happy Hippy

    Happy Hippy New Member

    I have a hidden place in the seat.
  9. homemadebubbler

    homemadebubbler Always bubblin'

    Honestly, my bong and bud has been sitting in my center console for weeks. I dont often smoke in my truck, and when I do, I dont box it. I smoke cigs in there too, so it never really smells like pot.

    I generally drive safely so I dont get pulled over often. Even if I do, I am confident in myself to be able to talk to an LEO, even under the influence of marijuana. If you keep it cool and dont give them any reason to, cops will not search you. Its that simple.
  10. chevyhotboxer

    chevyhotboxer New Member

    I generally just keep it in my middle console of the back seat. But then again I have only driven with pot maybe 5 or 6 times long distance other than that I just leave it in plain sight and am driving 2 or 3 minutes, but living in BFE there are no cops around. We only have 4 on the payroll.
  11. Wicked

    Wicked Sr. Member

    In my truck, I keep it locked in my glovebox. I don't pass many hot spots on my way home from where I pick my stuff up at, so I'm not too concerned with getting busted. However, the most creative way I've seen someone travel with marijuana was an old friend of mine. He somehow managed to rig the gas tank of his car to hold up to an ounce securely away from the gasoline. He would pop out the safety device that pushes to the side when the gas nozzle goes in, and would lower a bag tied to a string into the tank and have it hung on the inside of the gas cap.
  12. Funky999

    Funky999 New Member

    It depends on which car I'm driving and how much I'm holding. Anything big while in my g35 goes in a secondary battery compartment under my hood. If small it goes in the semi-secret compartment in the rear between the seats.
    If in my eclipse. I put it in the spare tire rack under the trunk. If its a small amount you can store it behind the round pop out vents.
  13. hippie557

    hippie557 New Member

    I have a '67 VW hippie van (like my avatar) and the hubcaps would work well for stashing weed in there as they are just like bowls. Just have to make sure it's not during winter and it doesn't get too hot with the brakes there. I haven't ever had the need to stash weed in my bus because I don't ever bring more with than I will be smoking. I don't like to drive high either, unless it's just around a neighborhood to blaze quickly.
  14. crimson_larkspur

    crimson_larkspur New Member

    this is a story.. about a stupid cop who prolly set me up...

    So my budby and i were driving home from a friend's house, bout half come-down from baked at the time w/ a small bag and pipe on me. I was driving down a back-road, unlit when suddenly OH! lookit that a big tree branch in the middle of the road. Of course I had to swerve to avoid it (would have been exactly the same if i was totally sober). And immediately got pulled over by this cop w/ a partner. That seemed awfully big coincidence but anyway,

    I had a ford taurus at the time and it had this unusual little feature. The face of my CD player was attached to the dash with a hinge at the bottom. So you could flip it down or up, and there was a little compartment behind it. To look at it, it did not appear that the face was movable. That little compartment saved our tails that night. The cop searched the car (he claimed because I swerved I must be intoxicated) but never discovered that little secret hiding place for our stuff.

    Now honestly, I think it was just the obivious, stupid cop who was so full of himself. I think most other cops would have checked for a removable CD face plate. And yes, I do consider myself lucky. I would not reccomend this as a hiding place nowadays. But it served me pretty well back then ;)
  15. robbygilz

    robbygilz New Member

    i would suggest in a amp box if you have one.
    but hears a though go to your local adult store and get one of those flesh light things. dont use it our this would be pretty gross. stick you pipe and stash in there. it will deff stay free from search cuz the cops will just think your a perv and prob wont touch it. it will also protect your pipe since it is sum kinda rubbery fleshy material inside
  16. white88z

    white88z New Member

    You can try popping out some trim pieces. Sometimes there's space behind the glove box. The dog will find it though.
  17. TheLightning

    TheLightning New Member

    Haha, that is an awesome idea. I don't usually carry, but when I do, I slip it in a hole on the side of the little door that goes from the back seat to the trunk, luckily the material that covers it is very elastic and makes the hole look a lot smaller.
  18. CozZix

    CozZix New Member

    well it ain't gonna be so secret if you tell everyone where it's at
    But i use to put my stash in an AXE bottle, it kept the inside sealed fresh and the strong cologne stench no the outside. Although those were the days when the biggest buys I had were only 1/8th's
  19. CozZix

    CozZix New Member

    I thought weed was legal in Canada??
  20. heliskier

    heliskier New Member

    Stash Spots

    You can use the sun roof of the car. There are panels through out the car that can be taken out and out back in. You can tape the stuff to the car panel. I made a little duct tape pocket so i can put all of my stuff in there.

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