Carrying weed and hiding places?

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  1. woodyjourney

    woodyjourney New Member

    Hey guys, I'm a new smoker and I need some help on ways to carry my weed with me and hide it at home where it wont smell or be obvious. My parents are divorced, so I need to carry my weed and pieces with me from house to house every week. Both of my pieces are pretty small, just two little hand pipes. When I carry my weed, I need it to not smell AT ALL because both of my parents know the smell. Same thing at home. Just some good, convenient places that I could store my stash. Thanks
  2. Sir Kinsey III

    Sir Kinsey III New Member

    Well first, welcome to the wonderful world of marijuana. We're a friendly bunch, and many wonderful experiences await you as you discover the cannabis culture and your place in it. I know what it was like being a new smoker, and I'm here if you need anything. (I'm no bigshot in the community, just an average guy lookin to help).

    To answer your question, try picking up a Fido jar. (An airtight mason jar.) You can find one at Kitchen Kapers or Mikasa for like ~$3. It is a small jar and can hold up to about a half ounce of marijuana. As for the hand pipes, if they are glass, keep them clean! The odor of resinous pieces is just as strong as good sticky bud! If you don't know how to clean a piece, look on youtube. A li'l rubbing alcohol and salt will do the trick and make her like new again.

    As for keeping it out of sight, sometimes hiding in plain sight works best. I don't know your parents so I couldn't say for sure. But usually just tucked in a closet in something inconspicuous works best.

    And remember the golden rule. When traveling, keep that shit in the TRUNK. If an officer doesn't smell weed or see you smoking or you're not high, he must ask permission to search your vehicle. You HAVE THE RIGHT to REFUSE SEARCHES. Even if the threatens to call in the dogs, your rights do not disappear. Anything the dogs found, if you declined his search request, would be thrown out in court.

    Finally, if you have a phone, learn to use the video camera function (all the better if you got a nice smartphone). Whenever you get stopped, record the encounter. The police are NOT legally allowed to take your camera. They are NOT allowed to shut it off. You have the right to observe and report police activity. Do NOT give in to threats. They can NOT arrest you. Remember, if they weren't planning on doing something wrong, they shouldn't fear you taping them. (Happy 4:20 here on the East Coast btw, just turned as I'm writing this). And remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. At the end of the day they are the law. Be respectful when asserting your rights. The less you're a dick, the worse an officer will look.

    So lets recap:

    ~For smell proof containers, go with Fido or Mason jars (I prefer Fido). They can be found for ~$3 at Kitchen Kapers.

    ~Clean your pieces EVERY time you use them! Smelly pieces are just as bad as smelly weed for getting caught!

    ~Keep your marijuana in a fido jar and IN THE TRUNK when traveling. The police need probable cause or a warrant to search.

    ~Refuse a search every time, even if you are doing nothing wrong and have nothing to hide. Cops can plant evidence.

    ~FILM THE POLICE. I can NOT stress this enough. Always film every encounter. Always.

    ~BE RESPECTFUL. The first test an officer gives is the attitude test. Fail that and you make life real hard on yourself.

    That should cover the basics of marijuana culture. You now know how to store your bud, clean your piece (or you will once you view a video) and stay safe on the roads. If there is anything else you need or anything else I didn't cover, feel free to hit me up. Again, welcome to one of the most wonderful cultures on the planet. Now after reading all this, you deserve a toke. Go on and rip that shit!
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  3. woodyjourney

    woodyjourney New Member

    Thanks a lot for all the help man. I appreciate the warm welcome and advice!
  4. Marfor

    Marfor New Member

    If you have a real messy car, you can always in the bottom of a crushed up slurpee cup or balled up in a napkin. The cops are not gonna look through random trash in your car!
  5. tokin up

    tokin up New Member

    but they might suspect something if you don't keep your stuff clean, its just safer to keep your car clean and place your stash in a mason jar in the trunk, where there is no chance of it rolling around or them cops suspecting anything
  6. woodyjourney

    woodyjourney New Member

    Thanks, I'm 14 but I'm getting a car fairly soon so I'll keep that in mind
  7. Addict 7S

    Addict 7S New Member

    Store the bag of weed, if small enough, in your anus. Make sure you leave part hanging out, like a tampon. I dont care what you say, people better have a damn good reason to search your butthole. As for pieces, put them in a ziploc snack bag with a few dryer sheets inside to prevent rattling/ smell. Then put it in another snack bag if desired. Get a hairband/sweatband for your head and put it on your upper thigh kinda near your crotch. Then put the bag inbetween your leg and the band.

    Alot of people may criticize what I said above, but sometimes you have to sacrifice being comfortable for being safe when there is high risk.

    Or you could bag the weed too and put it in the band. But thats kind of pushing it, and they may fall out easily.
  8. Sir Kinsey III

    Sir Kinsey III New Member

    When buying, try visually seeing if the car has any stash spots. I know my 06 Chevy Cobalt had a removable cup holder in the center console that let me access a large hole right in the middle of the car. Would run upwards of a QP (that's a quarter pound/4 ounces/112 grams) in vacuum sealed bags. Got stopped a few times and wasn't even nervous. Remember, if rule 1 is be polite, rule 2 is don't be nervous either. Just be chill. And keep your car mad clean. Also, as a final precaution, keep your registration and proof of insurance OUT of your glovebox. Keep it in the center compartment or (as most cars handily have nowadays) in that little compartment designed for just those documents (usually located to the left of the steering wheel if anywhere). This way, there is NO chance a cop could be a dick and go "I thought I saw a pipe/weed/etc.". Also, have a deodorizer hanging in your car. Preferably one with a really dank smell. (I recommend Midsummer Night by Yankee Candle Co). And never forget: Never drive high. Don't leave your stuff in your car either. Only take it with you when you NEED to. Why spin the roulette wheel every time you drive vs just once in a while? Remember, when the Constitution was drafted, the police weren't stopping and searching horse-drawn carriages. Weed was legal when it was written. Hell it was written ON HEMP PAPER (cousin to the marijuana plant used for fibers and a whole host of things). So when it comes to vehicles the law is kinda grey and fuzzy. But houses most certainly did exist back then. And your house is your fortress. Unless an officer smells marijuana or is given your express permission (or other obvious circumstance eg hearing someone screaming for help) to enter, you are fully within your rights to deny them entry to your house without a warrant should they come knocking. Hell you're not even obligated to open the door or talk to them in any way. A while back the cops came knocking at my door for some totally unrelated reason (a rash of break-ins I think. Which is super rare in my town so they were warning everyone). I was waaaay too high to deal with that and I knew they'd either smell it on me or sense that I was high. So I just didn't answer the door and they left. Remember, the police are NOT your friends and they will NOT 'make things easier on you'. Their job is to prosecute and jail your ass. I don't mean to scare you, I'm just trying to remind you that in the eyes of the law, you are on par with a heroin addict. You get the same penalties as a junkie. You'd get less penalties for being caught with cocaine! I don't want to see a bright future ruined by bullshit laws. Always toke in a safe environment. Now that you've endured another of my long winded speeches, you deserve another bowl!
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  9. woodyjourney

    woodyjourney New Member

    I'm happy to endure something like this, I'd rather spend 5 minutes reading a paragraph than spend a few years in jail. Thanks for all the help man!

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