Carving Soapstone Pipes

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by Daniel, Nov 29, 2001.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel Moderator

    Anybody out there carved a soapstone pipe? I was just wondering how well a soapstone pipe would work.

    I was thinking about trying to make myself one, but I wanted to know if anybody had any ideas/thoughts prior to investing $1.50 a pound for it... :)

    I guess I just need something to do....

  2. mylobean

    mylobean New Member

    I've made lots of pipes out of soapstone. I had a power drill press to help out, so it was easy. For a $1.50 a pound, you might as well give it a shot.
  3. techno_trancer

    techno_trancer New Member

    idiot sounding... what the hell is soapstone?
  4. deadhed

    deadhed Guest

    Techno: just an ornamental stone used a lot in victorian architecture.

    I had no idea it was so cheap...I might have to take up that hobby too.
  5. Daniel

    Daniel Moderator

    I found it on the web for $1.50/lb, problem is that you need to get about 50 lbs of it per order.

    I wonder where I could get it locally...

  6. deadhed

    deadhed Guest

    I may have seen it in a hobby supply store in my town, but I may be making this up in my head. I seem to recall it being a block about 1/2 the size of a shoebox.
  7. katsenjammer

    katsenjammer New Member

    is soapstone dangerous?

    Hey, I'm thinking of carving a soapstone pipe. But I hear that its dangerous to inhale the dust - (it might contain asbestos?!!). Does anyone know more about this? - once its all finished and polished up, would it be dangerous to smoke out of?
  8. SonicPainter

    SonicPainter New Member


    i looked up a couple of links i thought might help.

    here seems to be something dealing with asbestos free soapstone.

    you can by poking around this message board come off with some nice facts about working soapstone.

    good luck in whatever you choose, but I would be wary. from what i read it seems soapstone and asbestos seem to run within the same deposits. and many times nature will mix minerals into all kinds of compounds.

    also as a note segway etc. those of you who might wish to work shell etc into some of your designs. the dust from abalone shells is highly toxic. (ya gotta wear a respirator) actually for anything like this. a respirator mask might mot be a bad purchase. dust is not the best thing for your lungs :D

    hope i was of help.
  9. strange_blaze

    strange_blaze Sr. Member

    The first pipe i bought was carved out of soapstone. hehe i remember when i was looking at the pipes in this headshop there was a sign that said u had to be 18 to buy tobacco pipes, i was only 15 or 16 so i stupidly ask the dude behind the counter if i had to be 18, and he just kinda looks at me and grins and grunts no....haha i thoguht i was really cool....
    annnnyyways :) its a good pipe, ive had it for close to 5 years and it has been put through alot of abuse....alot
    so i would recommend :D

  10. Mr.Mojorisin

    Mr.Mojorisin Mr. M

    Yeah I recently got interested in carving pipes too lol. It start with this pinner one, little bigger than a one hitter. Then I carved a larger, ****tier one. Then I recently carved this sweet ass 10 inch one that hits nice and looks sweet :p Im thinkin of taking carving courses, gunna get myself a nice knife. My step dad told me to get some soapstone and I might lol. I love carving so far, hell I could make a little money off it if I get good.
  11. wildo

    wildo New Member

    most of the stuf tyhat traditinaly used asbestuos is free of the matireal now. just like they dont use asbestous bake liners in cars any more
  12. vaya

    vaya Activist

    I had a marble one, but I have worked with soapstone before, but for an artistic feline creation, not a friggin' pipe.
  13. soapstone

    HMMMMM that's funny vaya. I did the same project. What a coincidence, except I made a fish instead of a cat. Oh well, I guess it's just a stupid coincidence :devil: :eek: :wave:
  14. «°Ñøvã°»

    «°Ñøvã°» New Member


    Just out of curiosity i was wondering what peoples opinions were on smoking out of soapstone made pieces. Is there a health risk involved with certain types of soapstone or with it in general? I have used soapstone in the past and used to carve pieces to sell but have switched over to blown glass and havent looked back. Please reply
  15. hauptmann

    hauptmann Seasoned Activist

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  16. «°Ñøvã°»

    «°Ñøvã°» New Member

    Thanks H :wave:
  17. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    That sounds like a pretty good idea. There's plenty of soapstone in my backyard, I think I'll dig up a rock and give it a shot the next time I have some spare time.
  18. SublimeLuvs420

    SublimeLuvs420 New Member

    Ok, don't use soap stone, it's honestly fucking horrible for you too smoke out of. It is almost as bad as asbestos (I guess people are saying its in soap stone?). Theres a reason its inexpensive, just buy some good materials, and make a pipe out of something else (I have one that marble). Please do not bitch at me and I hear the is soap stone that is not bad, but hey, its just better to be safe and smoke your healthy herb than risk giving yourself lung cancer...
  19. OrpheriuM

    OrpheriuM New Member

    yea i had no idea soapstone could even contain asbestos and i used to have one of them but I don't seem to have mesothelioma so woohoo. but i would maybe suggest carving a wood pipe I used to know this really cool artist who made wicked halloween masks by hand and carved lots of pipes sometimes he would use soapstone but i got him to make me two wooden pipes and they were fucking sick the only problem they heated up to fast but my god i wish i had one of those pipes still I lost both when I was in 8th grade and stupid.

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